A Quick Recap

In Case You Missed It: June 11 – 18

Briefings : Today in Gear By Photo by Henry Phillips
age-of-aquarius-gear-patrol-lead The Age of Aquarius: Diving Down to Fabien Cousteau’s Mission 31
I had been warned to keep my depth above 50 feet to maximize bottom time, and as I slipped under the “porch” of Aquarius, I saw my computer read 48 feet. I popped up inside the moon pool, removed my regulator and mask and took a breath of the pressurized air inside. “Welcome to Aquarius”, Fabien Cousteau said with a smile as he stood above me in the wet room. Read the Story
PE-French-Red-Gear-Patrol-Lead- Photo Essay: French Red
The French have two Brits to thank for their beloved red playing surface, which today lives on in small training centers on the outskirts of Paris, tournaments for the rising stars of the sport, and one of professional tennis’s oldest events. We were on hand during the week of the French Open to capture all the nuance of the storied surface. See the Photos
Field-Watches-Gear-Patrol-Lead-Text Buying Guide: Field Watches
The five best field watches for men from Rolex, Victorinox, Hamilton, Luminox, Tudor, and Timex. See the Watches
Lamborghini-Huracan-Gear-Patrol-Lead Proving the Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4 at Ascari
The four fat rubber circles that attach both you and the Huracán to the road were chosen to be worked very, very hard. So were the 601 horses that shriek from its 5.2-liter V10 power plant. There’s an extra incentive behind each of these Italian supercar’s facets: it’s not enough for this car to move like Usain Bolt or look like Elisabetta Canalis. The Huracán is Sant’Agata’s replacement for the monumentally successful Gallardo (huge shoes to fill) and frankly, it makes its predecessor seem rough and antiquated — even a bit homely. The mechanical shaming of the Gallarod tells you just about everything you need to know about the Huracán. See the Video
carbo-load-pasta-primer A Visual Pasta Primer
Know Your Foods is a new culinary crash course on various foods and ingredients — and if we’ve done our job right, also an inspirational kick in the ribs to expand your dining horizons. Use it for your next meal. Use it impress a girl. Use them to land a job or to silence a patronizing maître d’. But for the love of garlic, use it somewhere. First up, that delicious, carbo-loaded ingredient: pasta. See the Pasta
quiet-walk-with-friends-lead A Quick Note on the Quiet Hike
The two mile hike up to Waipoo Falls in Kauai’s Waimea Canyon is by all measurement an easy one, but it underscores what’s best about a quiet hike. See the Postcard
World-Cup-2014-Primer-Gear-Patrol-Lead A 2014 World Cup Primer
Everything you need to know about watching the 2014 World Cup, from controversy to the games to essential gear. Read the Primer