Today in Gear: June 18, 2014

Bently-GT3-R-Gear-Patrol Bentley Continental GT3-R
Bentley Motorsport has a new baby in the form of the race-inspired GT3-R. The 4.0-liter twin turbo V8 under the bonnet emits 572 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque for a 0-60 time of 3.6 seconds. It shaves over 200 pounds from the stock Continental GT and gets tasty carbon silicon carbide brake discs, air suspension, titanium exhaust and Alcantara and leather coated carbon fiber racing seats. Your friends are out of luck: the back seats are now gone. Who says Brits are tame?
Mophie-Pro-Gear-Patrol Mophie Juice Pack PRO
Few people can navigate the wilderness like Bear Grylls — but plenty of folks have iPhones. The new Juice Pack PRO by Mophie adds much-needed protection and battery life to your iPhone 4 or 4s and transforms it into a great tool for your next hike or off-road expedition. The rugged case comes with an “Outdoor Edition” app with millions of miles of high-definition maps and enables you to track your movements. It even allows you to access to your maps even when you’re out of range. $150
Steak-Locker-Gear-Patrol Steak Locker
Steak aficionados know that the expensive dry aging process increases the flavor and tenderness of beef. The Steak Locker promises high-quality dry-aged steaks at home via a cooler linked to a smartphone app that controls temperature and humidity, and sends notifications about any potentially harming changes in the meat’s environment. Generally, we avoid Kickstarter campaigns because of the potential for vaporware — but we’ll make an exception because the potential to dry age meat at home is incredibly
Fellow-Barber-Product-Gear-Patrol Fellow Barber Grooming Products
Highly regarded among well-groomed gentlemen, Fellow Barber has offered exceptional haircuts since 2006. Now, the small chain of barber shops is launching its own brand of shaving and hair care products that are all alcohol, paraben and sulfate free. $20+ ()
M-and-U-Co-Gear-Patrol M&U Co. Valet Trays
Maxx&Unicorn Company has long been known for their finely crafted leather wallets; now they make a finely crafted valet tray for holding them. The trays are made in the USA and are hand-cut from sustainably harvested wood, keeping the important items in your life organized and your conscience clear. $55+ ()
Sling-Shot-Gear-Patrol Slingshot
Slingshot is a new application by Facebook that allows you to send limited-time photographs and videos to your friends. It also lets you modify pictures with captions and drawings. Yes, Slingshot does differ from your favorite inappropriate picture messaging service: it ensures that your shot can’t be opened until your friend sends one back. Talk about mutually assured destruction. free
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