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Vegas on the Edge: Unique Adventures Beyond the Strip

Culture By Photo by Exotics Racing


Vegas is home to an array of entertainment so endless that it’s easy to overlook the once-in-a-lifetime opportunities available beyond the plush confines of The Strip. Interested in driving supercars at full clip on a professional track? It can be arranged. Ever dreamed you could throw a basketball with an excavator? Vegas can make it happen. Wish you had the skills of Jason Bourne? This town can teach you. But don’t just take our word for it. This list of adventures will set the record straight.

Thanks to a group of clever engineers, there’s also a new online tool called GeoVegas that makes it easy to explore select Vegas venues right from your browser. Think of it as a Street View to some of the city’s hottest destinations — without the random ghosts of pedestrians obstructing your view.

Dig This Las Vegas


“America’s first and only heavy equipment playground” is one of the better claims to fame we’ve ever heard. After a bit of training and a breathalyzer test, Dig This lets visitors use either a bulldozer or an excavator to perform various tasks like moving dirt, stacking rocks, digging holes and even “playing basketball”. Once you’ve really got the hang of it, show off your skills during the free-time period. Destruction never felt so good.

Vegas Tactical Adventures


Forget about controllers and big-budget blockbusters. Vegas Tactical Adventures is a tourist-oriented division of the CRI Counter Terrorism Training School that specializes in training elite Special Forces, SWAT teams and various intelligence agencies. As such, they provide a variety of experiences designed to realistically simulate what secret agents, bodyguards, soldiers and other types of operatives learn and execute on missions. Whether you’re visiting purely for entertainment (and to see if your gang’s best Halo player is the real deal) or you’re seriously interested in preparing yourself for a life of anarchy (or espionage), VTA’s expert staff can deliver.

SkyJump Las Vegas


The SkyJump is designed to simulate the free-falling excitement of bungee jumping without the extra helping of risk. The so-called “controlled decelerator” on top of the Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower is the highest of its kind at 829 feet and replicates a sense of free falling while still providing a controlled landing. Getting to step off the raised platform with fantastic views of the city definitely adds to the realism as you plunge over 800 feet straight down.

Take a closer look around SkyJump using GeoVegas

Exotics Racing


Who hasn’t thought about mashing the gas in a car with a price tag that rivals a mortgage? Exotics Racing makes it easy to gun it in rides from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Porsche, McLaren, Audi, Mercedes and Nissan (the GTR). Don’t worry, they’ve also got instructors, insurance and safety equipment to make sure living your fantasy doesn’t ruin your reality.

FlightLinez Bootleg Canyon Zipline Tours


Prefer to go fast in the air? Flight Linez zipline course in Boulder City features four separate ziplines stretching just over a mile and a half of the canyon. The longest run is 1,852 feet long and lets riders reach speeds of up to 60 mph. There’s also the option of doing the entire course at night during the full moon.

Take a closer look around Flight Linez using GeoVegas