Today in Gear: June 19, 2014

Amazon-Fire-Phone-Gear-Patrol Amazon Fire Phone
Unveiled yesterday, the Fire Phone brings the heat — at least for Amazon Prime customers. The phone, featuring a 13MP rear-facing camera with image stabilization and 2GB of RAM, has a 3D 4.7-inch 720p screen that creates “dynamic perspective”—four front-facing cameras track your eye movements, changing the screen as you look at it from different angles. The phone, which starts shipping July 25, will come already updated with the customer’s Prime information. $200
Penmark-Classic-Carryall-Gear-Patrol IGNOBLE’s Penmark Classic Carryall
Weather resistant, functional and murdered out — not bad for a duffel. If you’re commuting to work, catching a flight or trying to reenact The Matrix’s infamous lobby gunfight scene, this is the versatile nylon bag you want. $285
Ebay-Valet-Gear-Patrol eBay Valet
Forget about individually posting items online. Order a free box, fill it with your dispensable stuff and ship it out to valets, who will do all the archaic eBay work you’d normally have to do — sorting, photographing, writing descriptions, answering buyers’ questions and shipping items to their new owners. Seem too good to be true? You get 70 percent of what your items sell for, which seems fair to us.
Moxie-Rainhead-With-Wireless-Speaker-Gear-Patrol Moxie Rainhead With Wireless Speaker
Moxie’s newest shower head links up with any Bluetooth-enabled device so you can listen to high-quality audio in the shower. With an optimized 8-inch spray face and the ability to sync with devices 32 feet away, Moxie has redefined duality — at least in terms of belting out show tunes while getting clean. $299
Greats-The-Bab-Gear-Patrol Greats Footwear — The Bab
Launched in Brooklyn last year, Greats is shifting the men’s footwear paradigm by selling better sneakers for less, directly to their customers. Their latest design, The Bab, has style, good colorways and can be bought in affordable bundles. Pool your friends. $59
Jim-Beam-Pancake-Syrup-Gear-Patrol Jim Beam Old Fashioned Pancake Syrup
Leave Aunt Jemima in the cupboard and eat your pancakes with manly bravado. It’s infused with just enough of the other good brown stuff — flavorful, but not enough to get you in trouble. $7 ()
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