60 hours, 100 miles, 62,680 feet of climb

Barkley 100

While the ultramarathon circuit flourishes with more competitors and stars who are (almost) household names, one race remains an eccentricity — and that’s saying a lot for a sport that’s already at the fringes. The Barkley Marathons is a 100-mile race in Tennessee’s Frozen Head State Park consisting of five 20 mile loops that accumulate 62,680 feet of elevation gain, a formidable challenge in its own right; on top of that, there are no trail markers, or even a trail, for that matter. In 2014, filmmaker Brendan Young documented the race. His film, Barkley 100, covers everything from the early morning blowing of the conch shell to the lone finisher completing the race in just under 58 hours.

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