New Gear and Stories, Fresh from the Farm

This Week in Sports and Outdoors: June 19, 2014

GT-Grade-Gear-Patrol GT Grade
Endurance road bike meets cyclocross bike meets hybrid in the GT Grade, part of a burgeoning category of two-wheelers designed for riders who want to rip on gravel, road and dirt in the same day. It’s available in seven models, from entry level to a full carbon model with Ultegra components. Starting at $800
twilight-on-the-tundra Twilight on the Tundra
The tundra is a vast, harsh world, a white desert that’s a long journey by dog away from civilization. Julia Phillips reports from the Beringia dogsled race for The Morning News. Read More
Icebug-Zeal-Gear-Patrol Icebug Zeal
The Swedish shoe brand Icebug has a slick new trail shoe built around their HGMS2 (“Holy Grail Midsole Soft and Stable”) midsole, designed to be stable but soft. It comes in two different outsole options — RB9X, with lugged rubber, and olx, with 16 carbide steel studs built into the rubber. 17, counting you. $185
life-beyond-earth Life Beyond Earth
Astrobiologist Kevin Hand is attempting to answer a question humans have asked since we’ve looked to the stars: are we alone? National Geographic drills into the quest in this epic multimedia report. Read More
XTR-Di2-GEar-Patrol Shimano XTR M9050 Di2
While electronic shifting has been around for several years on road bikes, Shimano’s XTR Di2 is the first option for mountain bikes. Of note with the new electronic groupset is the “Synchronized Shift” functionality, which will intuitively shift both front and rear derailleurs (to correct for efficiency) with a single button push.
most-punshing-man-on-earth The Most Punishing Man in Fitness
Spartan Race founder Joe De Sena isn’t a man you’d expect to take it easy when it comes to training. He doesn’t. As long as you show up at a farm in Vermont, De Sena will train you — but it he will be cruel and unusual. Outside magazine reports. Read More
Running-Sandals-Gear-Patrol Xero Shoes Amuri Cloud
FiveFingers not iconoclastic enough for you? Running sandals, or huaraches, are yet closer to barefoot: just a rubber platform attached to your foot with string. Xero’s Amuri Cloud makes huaraches a touch more consumer friendly, with 3mm of cushion in the forefoot and a protective heel cup. $50
Zoobells-Gear-Patrol Zoobell Wolf Kettlebell
If you’re going to swing kettlebells, they may as well be shaped like snarling wolves and lions. Right? $110
Lamborghini-Shirt-Gear-Patrol X-Bionic for Automobili Lamborghini Running Shirt
Short of McFly’s auto-dry jacket in Back to the Future II, X-Bionic makes the most advanced tops in the biz. This shirt, made in partnership with Lamborghini, has a combination of special fabrics and a patented moisture management system to keep runners cool, dry and performing like a 5.2L V10.