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This Week in Culture: June 20, 2014

Briefings By Photo by eBoy
One of eBoy's cityscapes, created one pixel at a time.
Not the Correct Nomenclature? The Washington Redskins’s football team had their trademark revoked this week. Big news for the “It’s Offensive” side of things, right? Well, yes, but this has happened before. And Slate points out that we should probably know the word’s history before we judge.
Pixelation, as a Good Thing From The Verge, an incredibly comprehensive story on the three-German team eBoy, the “Godfathers” of pixel art, a style that recalls 8-bit video games and is made one pixel at a time. Or, as they say about themselves, they’re “three guys that work with pixels and make images.” But it’s far more interesting than that.
Instagramming Pays Off Think social media’s just for bad vacation photos and bragging about homemade quesadillas? Well, now cultural institutions like the Metropolitan Museum of Art are looking to hire the big guns from the “look how many followers I have” set. “Doctor of Twitter Consultation” does have a certain ring to it.
Taking This Show on the Road Ever wondered what it’s like to actually get your obscure, rare or otherwise notable antique item appraised on Antiques Road Show? Turns out it’s almost worth a show of its own (and surely worth a story in print.)
Flippity Floppity Need some science to back up your hatred of soccer’s most obnoxious thespians? The New Yorker has a great look at a study of bullshit floppery. In other World Cup news, Germans proved both their fastidiousness and their commitment during their game against Portugal, as seen in this chart of water usage in the country (the spikes are during halftime and immediately after the game).
This Stop Peking. Next Stop, Paris. “What needs to be proved today is that as long as a man has a car, he can do anything and go anywhere. Is there anyone who will undertake to travel this summer from Peking to Paris by automobile?” Those words are from 1907, but people are still up to the challenge today.
What’s that Sound? An untraceable noise called “The Hum” haunts 2-10 percent of the population in various places across the world. (And you thought your tone-deaf coworker was bad.) On the other side of the spectrum, the longest anyone’s every lasted inside the world’s quietest room is 45 minutes.
Thank Goodness As California suffers through an historic drought, tech investors are desperate for liquid green to get their irrigation-based ideas off the ground. One major market is vineyards. Please, businessmen, protect our rose.
Don’t Tell Your Mom A video game rehab clinic exists, right here in the U.S. Vice reports. (We’re enablers, by the way.)
King of the World! (Sort Of) You might not have heard of Diplomacy, a simple board game that’s been around since the 1950s and relies heavily on social skills as players barter, ally and betray their way to world dominance. And depending on your personality, that might be a good thing.
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