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This Week in Gear: June 21, 2014

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age-of-aquarius-gear-patrol-lead The Age of Aquarius: Diving Down to Fabien Cousteau’s Mission 31
I had been warned to keep my depth above 50 feet to maximize bottom time, and as I slipped under the “porch” of Aquarius, I saw my computer read 48 feet. I popped up inside the moon pool, removed my regulator and mask and took a breath of the pressurized air inside. “Welcome to Aquarius”, Fabien Cousteau said with a smile as he stood above me in the wet room. Read the Story
PE-French-Red-Gear-Patrol-Lead- Photo Essay: French Red
The French have two Brits to thank for their beloved red playing surface, which today lives on in small training centers on the outskirts of Paris, tournaments for the rising stars of the sport, and one of professional tennis’s oldest events. We were on hand during the week of the French Open to capture all the nuance of the storied surface. See the Photos
Field-Watches-Gear-Patrol-Lead-Text Buying Guide: Field Watches
The five best field watches for men from Rolex, Victorinox, Hamilton, Luminox, Tudor, and Timex. See the Watches
Lamborghini-Huracan-Gear-Patrol-Lead Proving the Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4 at Ascari
The four fat rubber circles that attach both you and the Huracán to the road were chosen to be worked very, very hard. So were the 601 horses that shriek from its 5.2-liter V10 power plant. There’s an extra incentive behind each of these Italian supercar’s facets: it’s not enough for this car to move like Usain Bolt or look like Elisabetta Canalis. The Huracán is Sant’Agata’s replacement for the monumentally successful Gallardo (huge shoes to fill) and frankly, it makes its predecessor seem rough and antiquated — even a bit homely. The mechanical shaming of the Gallarod tells you just about everything you need to know about the Huracán. See the Video
carbo-load-pasta-primer A Visual Pasta Primer
Know Your Foods is a new culinary crash course on various foods and ingredients — and if we’ve done our job right, also an inspirational kick in the ribs to expand your dining horizons. Use it for your next meal. Use it impress a girl. Use them to land a job or to silence a patronizing maître d’. But for the love of garlic, use it somewhere. First up, that delicious, carbo-loaded ingredient: pasta. See the Pasta
quiet-walk-with-friends-lead A Quick Note on the Quiet Hike
The two mile hike up to Waipoo Falls in Kauai’s Waimea Canyon is by all measurement an easy one, but it underscores what’s best about a quiet hike. See the Postcard
World-Cup-2014-Primer-Gear-Patrol-Lead A 2014 World Cup Primer
Everything you need to know about watching the 2014 World Cup, from controversy to the games to essential gear. Read the Primer
LOGITECH-GEAR-PATROL Logitech Z213 Multimedia Speakers
The pitch for Logitech’s new Z213 speaker system is simple. It’s decent looking, powerful, and includes a subwoofer all for just $30. There’s even the ability to add wireless capabilities via an extra adaptor. Now there’s really no excuse to put up with bad computer audio. $30
This minimalist streetwear entry from Japan is defined by a blacked-out face with dashes of white on the hands and date window. If you didn’t like our other picks for best murdered out timepieces, this might do the trick.
SAMSUNG-CHEF-GEAR-PATROL Samsung Chef Collection
Samsung isn’t being coy about their push into the home; the Korean goliath hopes to become the world’s biggest appliance maker by 2015. The Chef Collection is a step in the right direction, and includes advanced dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens and microwaves, all of which tout thoughtful improvements over most of the high-end competition, even if compatibility with your Galaxy devices isn’t onboard yet.
Indigo-wallet-gear-patrol Teranishi Gradient-Dyed Indigo Minimalist Wallet
Minimalist wallets are all the rage these days. This option from Teranishi stands out for its hand-dyed indigo detailing — making it nearly as distinct as one emblazoned with Badass Motherfucker. $145 ()
WOODY-CREEK-GEAR-PATROL Woody Creek Potato Vodka
There’s no need for your patriotic purchasing habits to end at 5 p.m. if you’re not into brown spirits (though you really should be into brown spirits). This Colorado vodka is made from Colorado Rio Grande russets, Chepita and Lady Claire spuds along with water and yeast.
COOLER-GEAR-PATROL Festool Cooler Systainer (Cooltainer)
Festool’s released a limited edition mod of sorts for their popular Systainer SYS-4 design. A 1.25-inch thick foam insert helps keep food and beverages cold. And since it doesn’t scream cooler, your lunch might actually make it to lunch time. $95
Svbscription-Gear-Patrol Svbscription x The Green Journal World Cup Box
It’s World Cup time and little else matters. Svbscription and The Green Soccer Journal have combined to produce a limited edition parcel. Skip around the hoopla and learn more about the history and the talent that has forged the world’s most popular sport.
Stuff-Maters-Gear-Patrol Stuff Matters: Exploring the Marvelous Materials That Shape Our Man-Made World
Everything has a story, including the seemingly mundane objects and materials — concrete, paper envelopes, granite — we encounter every day. Scientist and author Mark Miodownik’s new book teaches us that seemingly ordinary things have interesting and scientific stories of their own. So quit zoning out in front of the television and learn to find the wonder in the complex world you live in. $25
Cheese-Board-Gear-Patrol Treeline Woodworks State Display/Cheese Boards
If there’s a difference between a display/cheese board and a cutting board, we don’t know it. But Treeline Woodworks’s new state-inspired display/cheese boards are fine pieces of craftsmanship nonetheless. Carved from recycled wood, these boards make the perfect decoration, even if you don’t dabble in the worlds of wine and cheese. $60
Paul-Van-Dyk-Gear-Patrol DJ Paul van Dyk and TOMS Limited Edition Collection
Shoes, shades, raves, philanthropy — what’s not to love? Legendary DJ Paul van Dyk and TOMS have created a galaxy-inspired limited edition footwear and eyewear collection that’s available today. Every pair of shoes or glasses bought also sends a pair to someone in need. $59+
Marantz-Gear-Patrol Marantz NR1605
Marantz’s newest receiver has the small size of the brand’s slim line but adds extra features like wi-fi, AirPlay and Bluetooth. And eight HDMI ain’t bad, either. $700 ()
iPhone-Flash-Gear-Patrol Nova Wireless Off Camera Flash
Nova’s newest handheld accessory uses natural light to create rich, high-quality pictures. It’s worth it for the Men in Black mind-erasing jokes alone. $60
Bently-GT3-R-Gear-Patrol Bentley Continental GT3-R
Bentley Motorsport has a new baby in the form of the race-inspired GT3-R. The 4.0-liter twin turbo V8 under the bonnet emits 572 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque for a 0-60 time of 3.6 seconds. It shaves over 200 pounds from the stock Continental GT and gets tasty carbon silicon carbide brake discs, air suspension, titanium exhaust and Alcantara and leather coated carbon fiber racing seats. Your friends are out of luck: the back seats are now gone. Who says Brits are tame?
Mophie-Pro-Gear-Patrol Mophie Juice Pack PRO
Few people can navigate the wilderness like Bear Grylls — but plenty of folks have iPhones. The new Juice Pack PRO by Mophie adds much-needed protection and battery life to your iPhone 4 or 4s and transforms it into a great tool for your next hike or off-road expedition. The rugged case comes with an “Outdoor Edition” app with millions of miles of high-definition maps and enables you to track your movements. It even allows you to access to your maps even when you’re out of range. $150
Steak-Locker-Gear-Patrol Steak Locker
Steak aficionados know that the expensive dry aging process increases the flavor and tenderness of beef. The Steak Locker promises high-quality dry-aged steaks at home via a cooler linked to a smartphone app that controls temperature and humidity, and sends notifications about any potentially harming changes in the meat’s environment. Generally, we avoid Kickstarter campaigns because of the potential for vaporware — but we’ll make an exception because the potential to dry age meat at home is incredibly
Fellow-Barber-Product-Gear-Patrol Fellow Barber Grooming Products
Highly regarded among well-groomed gentlemen, Fellow Barber has offered exceptional haircuts since 2006. Now, the small chain of barber shops is launching its own brand of shaving and hair care products that are all alcohol, paraben and sulfate free. $20+ ()
M-and-U-Co-Gear-Patrol M&U Co. Valet Trays
Maxx&Unicorn Company has long been known for their finely crafted leather wallets; now they make a finely crafted valet tray for holding them. The trays are made in the USA and are hand-cut from sustainably harvested wood, keeping the important items in your life organized and your conscience clear. $55+ ()
Sling-Shot-Gear-Patrol Slingshot
Slingshot is a new application by Facebook that allows you to send limited-time photographs and videos to your friends. It also lets you modify pictures with captions and drawings. Yes, Slingshot does differ from your favorite inappropriate picture messaging service: it ensures that your shot can’t be opened until your friend sends one back. Talk about mutually assured destruction. free
Amazon-Fire-Phone-Gear-Patrol Amazon Fire Phone
Unveiled yesterday, the Fire Phone brings the heat — at least for Amazon Prime customers. The phone, featuring a 13MP rear-facing camera with image stabilization and 2GB of RAM, has a 3D 4.7-inch 720p screen that creates “dynamic perspective”—four front-facing cameras track your eye movements, changing the screen as you look at it from different angles. The phone, which starts shipping July 25, will come already updated with the customer’s Prime information. $200
Penmark-Classic-Carryall-Gear-Patrol IGNOBLE’s Penmark Classic Carryall
Weather resistant, functional and murdered out — not bad for a duffel. If you’re commuting to work, catching a flight or trying to reenact The Matrix’s infamous lobby gunfight scene, this is the versatile nylon bag you want. $285
Ebay-Valet-Gear-Patrol eBay Valet
Forget about individually posting items online. Order a free box, fill it with your dispensable stuff and ship it out to valets, who will do all the archaic eBay work you’d normally have to do — sorting, photographing, writing descriptions, answering buyers’ questions and shipping items to their new owners. Seem too good to be true? You get 70 percent of what your items sell for, which seems fair to us.
Moxie-Rainhead-With-Wireless-Speaker-Gear-Patrol Moxie Rainhead With Wireless Speaker
Moxie’s newest shower head links up with any Bluetooth-enabled device so you can listen to high-quality audio in the shower. With an optimized 8-inch spray face and the ability to sync with devices 32 feet away, Moxie has redefined duality — at least in terms of belting out show tunes while getting clean. $299
Greats-The-Bab-Gear-Patrol Greats Footwear — The Bab
Launched in Brooklyn last year, Greats is shifting the men’s footwear paradigm by selling better sneakers for less, directly to their customers. Their latest design, The Bab, has style, good colorways and can be bought in affordable bundles. Pool your friends. $59
Jim-Beam-Pancake-Syrup-Gear-Patrol Jim Beam Old Fashioned Pancake Syrup
Leave Aunt Jemima in the cupboard and eat your pancakes with manly bravado. It’s infused with just enough of the other good brown stuff — flavorful, but not enough to get you in trouble. $7 ()
Harley-Davidson-Livewire-Gear-Patrol Harley-Davidson Project Livewire
And you thought the V-Rod brought Harley Davidson into the 21st century. HD has something even greater in mind with Project Livewire, its first all-electric motorcycle concept. The details right now are hush-hush, but the look alone — with gobs of stealthy matte black in the beefy frame and body, along with some tasty red bits — is the right blend of futuristic and sinister. Harley-Davidson will soon begin a nationwide tour to gauge the public’s interest in the new bike. We say build it.
Winnebago-Brave-Gear-Patrol Winnebago Brave
Few products make us want to blast “Going Mobile” and take up the gypsy lifestyle like a decked-out Winnebago. Their new Brave incorporates retro features — the iconic “brow” over the windshield and Winnebago logo, among others — on a modern Ford F53 chassis with a 6.8L Triton V10 that churns out 362 horsepower. The ‘Bago can be had with two floor plans, ranging from around 27 to 29 feet in length, both with six feet and nine inches of headroom, so it’s as roomy as it is handsome. Although it looks vintage, it has all the tech and features we expect in 2014, so it will be ideal for cooking the perfect meth steaks. $95,200+ ()
Apple-iMac-Entry-Level-2014-Gear-Patrol Apple 21.5 Inch iMac
If you’ve been wanting an iMac but don’t want to pay nearly $1,300 you’re in luck. Apple recently announced a new version of their desktop computer that undercuts the original base model by $200. The drop in price does come with a few downgrades: the processor is now a slower 1.4GHz Intel Core i5 processor (compared to the previous base model’s 2.7GHz), and users will lose the ability to upgrade the standard 8GB of RAM. The rest of the iMac remains mainly unchanged from the original base, but the loss of computing ability probably won’t deter future users with basic computing needs. $1,099 ()
Goodto-Go-Gear-Patrol Good To-Go Food Products
While it’s true that just about anything tastes good after a full day of hiking, you also shouldn’t settle for mush. Accomplished chef and adventurer Jennifer Scism wants to help with her new company Good To-Go. With a menu of dehydrated meals that includes Thai Curry, Smoked Three Bean Chili and Herbed Mushroom Risotto, Good To-Go’s trail courses hit the spot once you’ve hit the summit.
Curio-Hilton-Gear-Patrol Curio Hotels by Hilton
Hilton Hotels’ new Curio chain adds independent luxury hotels to the Hilton’s preexisting infrastructure. Each hotel (currently located in Las Vegas, Houston, Rapid City, and Chapel Hill, with an upcoming location in Portland) is meant to showcase the defining aspects of its locale while offering either four or five-star amenities and service. ()
Music-Freedom-Gear-Patrol Music Freedom From T-Mobile
T-Mobile users now have the opportunity for free music on their mobile devices — sort of. Music Freedom allows users to stream music with apps such as Rhapsody, Spotify and Pandora without incurring the wrath of monthly data allowances. Implications about net neutrality aside, this is sure to please many T-Mobile using audiophiles. ()