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Kit: Automotive DIY Done Right

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Be the man of the house and the garage.

Winter has the propensity to put a hurtin’ on your car, but those cold memories can easily be replaced with the right kind of DIY TLC. You don’t have to be the third member of Car Talk to find success in the confines of your own home garage — you just need the right tools and gear. (OK, and maybe a few tips from Tom and Ray won’t hurt.) The Home Depot is the place to get prepped for your home-mechanic needs.


Husky Mechanics 65-Piece Tool Set


A man without tools is a man with idle hands. In order to perform even the most basic of car maintenance tasks, it’s vital to have the right set of tools, and Husky has the set that has everything you’ll need. It comes with a 3/8 in. teardrop ratchet, 39 sockets, an extension bar, an adapter, a magnetic bit holder, 10 screwdriver bits, and 12 nut driver bits, so you’ll likely look for jobs to take on in order to use them all.

Husky Mobile Workbench with Solid Wood Top


Don’t be one of those guys who keeps his shiny tool set in a dinky old toolbox. In order to get to them fast and keep ’em clean, house them in Husky’s 46-inch mobile workbench. A total of nine drawers, including one full-width and two extra deep options, means it easily swallows all manner of tools. Combined with a solid wood top that looks great and provides a durable work surface area — it’ll put your garage in order in no time and still leave room for beer.

RIDGID 9-Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum with LED Lighted Car Nozzle


It’s the other vehicle in your garage you’ll really want to drive, especially with the included LED light on the nozzle for the nether regions of your car. RIGID will have you sucking up some serious junk both inside and outside of your car withe the large volume and smaller storage size. 3.5 hp means serious power, and the seven foot vacuum hose ensures ample reach. Just don’t think about using it on the mouse you just saw scurrying past your work bench.

Heavy-Duty Rolling Shop Seat


Your better half has been crystal clear that the kitchen chairs shall never again pass the threshold of the garage, so it’s time for a new solution. Husky’s heavy-duty rolling extra padded shop seat moves easily and boasts one handed pneumatic heigh adjustments ranging from from 15-3/4 in. to 20 in. A five section storage tray below also means your wrench is always in reach.

Pennzoil 5W30 32 oz. Motor Lubricant Oil


One of the joys of DIY car maintenance is changing your own oil. You save money and learn a valuable skill. Pennzoil is a great place to start, especially with its multi-viscosity and active cleansing agent properties. Originally formulated for racing, it treats your car’s engine well by providing high-temperature and stop-and-go driving protection.

Husky 2-Ton Hydraulic Trolley Jack


Unless your daily driver is a go-kart, expect to do a fair amount of heavy lifting for even the most basic car maintenance jobs. The Husky 2 Ton Hydraulic Trolley Jack isn’t just fit for the job, it’s also a remarkably affordable. It’ll lift up to 4,000 pounds to a maximum height of 13 inches and rolls on ball-bearing swivel casters for smooth and easy positioning. When you’re done, you can keep it clean and dust free with the included case. Now, you just have to get over your fear of enclosed spaces.

Big Red 2-Ton Steel Double-Lock Jack Stands


You’re only safe working under your vehicle if the two tons of metal above you are secured. A solid pair of jack stands is one of the best ways to ensure that. Big Red’s 2-Ton Steel Double-Lock Jack Stands have a unitized frame construction for strength, a self locking ratchet for security and a lift range of 11 to 16.5 inches for ample clearance to work. Just remember to take them out before you back up the car. It’s not asking for much.

Michelin Stealth 22 in. Wiper Blade


Why on earth would you pay a mechanic to replace your wiper blades? Well, probably because removing the old style blades are like solving a vehicular Rubik’s cube. Michelin Stealth Hybrid wiper blades are easy to install and remove with the EZ Lok connector system and feature the windshield hugging “Smart Flex” design that provides consistent contact. You’ll never hire a grubby mechanic to do this job for you ever again, once you see how simple it is.

BLACK & DECKER 500-Amp Jump Starter with Inflator


Finding another car to jump start your dead battery is so last century. The BLACK & DECKER 500-Amp Jump Starter with Inflator brings you to the modern age with its 500 instant-cranking amps and built-in AC charger. It also cares about your under-inflated tires with a strong 120 psi inflator and even your dead phone with a USB charging port. If bad luck follows you, and all of the aforementioned crises occur in the dark, find solace in the dual LED lights to illuminate your way.

Ryobi 10 Inch Orbital Buffer


All work under the hood makes Jack a dull boy. Time to take care of your car’s paint. Hand waxing and buffing is for chumps when you have the Ryobi 10 in. Orbital Buffer that makes easy work of shining up your car’s skin. 3,200 rpm in a random orbital motion keeps things swirl free, and the 360-degree circular handle lets you get the right position every time. provides up to 3,200 random OPM for a swirl-free finish. Just don’t let your wife see you try it on her antique dining room table.