Ticking Off the Latest in Watch News

This Week in Watches: June 24, 2014

Sistem-51-Gear-Patrol Sistem51 Finally Arrives
Swatch teased the world with its groundbreaking mechanical Sistem51 by only offering it in Switzerland. Until now. As of July 1, you can get it here in the US. swatch.com
Breitling-Blackout-Gear-Patrol A Blacked-out Breitling
Breitling’s Avenger gets the Blackbird treatment with a 48-millimeter titanium case coated in blacked-out DLC with a tacti-cool nylon strap. breitling.com
Limes-Gear-Patrol A Watch Fit for a Pharo(ah)
Limes, part of the highly underrated German Ickler group, has released its Pharo Big Date with Power Reserve. The watch has a coin-edged case, Clous-de-Paris dial and Breguet hands, swinging well above its $1,500 price. ~$1,500
AP-HQ-Gear-Patrol New Digs for an Old Company
Danish architectural firm BIG is designing Audemars Piguet’s factory expansion in the Vallée de Joux, and the Bond-villain-lair result should be spectacular. audemarspiguet.com
Seiko-Astron-Djokovic Seiko for Djokovic
The French Open runner-up and current world number two gets his own limited edition timepiece, the Seiko Astron GPS Solar Novak Djokovic Limited Edition. seiko-astron.com
Hodinkee-Missing-Watches-Gear-Patrol The Missing Watches of Ten Famous Men
What do LBJ, Miles Davis, Fidel Castro and Pablo Picasso have in common? They all wore an iconic watch — and that watch is currently MIA. Hodinkee reports. hodinkee.com ()