Two if by land, two if by sea

Breakdown: Gibbs Quadski XL

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You’re the kind of guy who hates two things: wasting time and not getting enough attention. You also have a passion for both watersports and getting hugged from behind by a gleefully screaming passenger. The brand new Gibbs Quadski XL is the morphing amphibious vehicle for you, changing from watercraft to rear-wheel-drive ATV with the push of a button (and perhaps a change of shoes, if you’re sensitive about your duds). Contrary to the name, it’s not created exclusively for the corpulent outdoorsman. XL means the Quadski now has capacity for two passengers, as opposed to the original, which our own Bradley Hasemeyer had a chance to drive for Translogic. That’s right. Call the girlfriend and ask her which element she prefers today: earth or water?