A Quick Recap

In Case You Missed It: June 18 – 25

On-the-Scene-Gov-Ball-Gear-Patrol-Lead On the Scene: The Governors Ball Music Festival
Governors Ball is a three-day music festival in New York City that draws crowds of over 40,000 each day. The culture is defined by the musicians, which range from big name headliners to up-and-coming young talent. We spoke with three young musicians to see what festival life was like on the other side of the stage. Read the Interviews
Thin-Watches-Gear-Patrol-Lead Six Great Thin Watches
While thick, robust watches have their benefits, they often fall prey to door jams and snags on cuffs and jacket pockets alike. More often than not, a truly practical and comfortable watch will also be a thin watch. These watches feel wafter thin (because they are) but still look of consequence, and are in fact some of the best dress watches around. For an understated yet stately look that fits under a cuff with heaps of clearance (10mm thick at max, including crystal), these six are some of the best. See the Watches
Bentley-SUV-Gear-Patrol-Lead Everything You Need to Know About Bentley’s New SUV
It’s a fact: Bentley plans to release an SUV in the near future. Here’s everything we currently know about the car, its effect on the brand and what it needs to be successful. Read the Story
Kelso-Jameson-Gear-Patrol-Lead Tasting the First Beer Ever Aged in Jameson Barrels
In a divergence from tradition, Jameson Irish Whiskey loaned their barrels for beer cask aging, for the first time ever, to a lucky batch of KelSo IPA. We got to try it. Read the Story
30-Minutes-Kelly-Taylor-Gear-Patrol-Lead 30 Minutes With Kelly Taylor
We interview Kelly Taylor, owner and operator of KelSo Beer Co., who recently made beer history by becoming the first American brewer to age beer in Jameson’s coveted whiskey barrels. Read the Interview
Tested-Adidas-Smart-Ball-Gear-Patrol-Lead Tested: Adidas Micoach Smart Ball
Kick the Adidas miCoach Smart Ball and your phone will record its speed, spin, point of impact and trajectory. It’s amazingly fun, but is it worth $299? We tested it to find out. Read the Review
great-american-ride-gear-patrol-lead 5,000 Miles: Beginning a Great American Ride
Wondering what it’s like to set out on a 5,000 mile bike tour of America? GP contributor Will Eginton shares his thoughts from the first leg of the trip. Read the Essay
Elements-Black-on-Black-Gear-Patrol-Lead Elements: Black on Black
If you want to look more Gotham City than goth kid, you’ll have to be discerning about your all-black ensemble. Here’s the gear you need. See the Gear