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This Week in Gear: June 28, 2014

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Adobe-Ink-And-Slide-Gear-Patrol Adobe Ink & Slide
Conceived as the alternatives to using pencils, rulers and paper, Adobe’s Ink & Slide hopes to make sketching and drawing — both doodling and technical — on an iPad a legitimate option. (This isn’t the first time Samsung’s done a futuristic stylus and ruler.) The aluminum pen is made to feel natural both in your hand and on the “page”; its fine tip supposedly provides more accuracy than other styluses. And the “slide”? Well, all that does is allow you to draw any shape you want. $200
APL-Techloom-Pro-Gear-Patrol APL Running Shoes
True story: APL shoes were once banned in the NBA for giving players an unfair advantage. They’re that cool. Now APL has partnered with Saks Fifth Ave to launch three new styles of men’s and women’s running shoes: the Windchill, Joyride, and TechLoom Pro. $120+
Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-S-Gear-Patrol Samsung Galaxy Tab S
Cut from the same cloth as their immensely popular Galaxy S5, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S boasts an impressive QHD SuperAMOLED display that comes in two sizes (8.4 inches and 10.5 inches) and has better resolution than the iPad Air and iPad Mini. Its 8MP camera also sticks it to the Apple competition. $400+
Octovo-Tilley-Gear-Patrol Octovo x Jason Tilley Surf Boards
Surfer/craftsman Jason Tilley is collaborating with Octovo — a GP100 award winner — to create five custom wooden surfboard designs. Forget contemporary fiberglass boards; these are old-school beautiful, crafted from wood native to Tilley’s home state, Oregon.
Monoprice-wifi-MicroSD-Gear-Patrol Monoprice Wi-Fi MicroSD Card Adapter
Want to upload photos from your camera to the computer without any wires? Slide the Monoprice Wi-Fi microSD Card Adapter into a SDHC compatible digital camera, connect to wi-fi and upload photos to the computer. Boom. Done. And it’s cheap too. $35
JVC-Diamond-4K-Gear-Patrol JVC “Diamond” 4K TV Line
JVC is attacking the 4K TV market. Coming this September, their Diamond 4K TV series will feature three sizes — 55-inch, 65-inch and 85-inch — each with five HDMI ports and the choice between two different smart TV systems: one featuring a neat-looking wheel UI and the other having a bundled Roku Streaming Stick. $999 ()
avi8-gear-patrol AVI-8 Flyboy
British watchmaker AVI-8 makes timepieces that aren’t subtle about their inspiration: these are aviation watches, through and through. That doesn’t mean they follow old tropes. Their AVI-8 Flyboy in stainless steel with a rose gold plating has a crosshair motif, a prominent “0”, “3” and “9” at the corresponding 12:00, 3:00 and 9:00, a bright red arrowed seconds hand and a Citizen Miyota caliber 8215 movement. It makes for an eye-catching watch that hints at your being ready to buzz the tower against orders whenever the mood strikes. $620
FujiFilm-Camera-Gear-Patrol Fujinon XF 18-135mm 3.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR
Sometimes getting the best shots means getting your camera gear dirty — or worse — wet. Fujifilm has a solution by way of their first ever weather-resistant lens, designed to pair with their X-T1 mirrorless camera and other X-series cameras like the X-E2. The versatile XF 18-135mm is capable of a wide range of focal lengths and rapid autofocusing (maximum of 0.10 seconds) and also uses high-precision gyro sensors for the most advanced image stabilization in the world. $900
M-Series-Wheels-Gear-Patrol Enve M-Series
Enve makes ridiculously nice, ridiculously expensive carbon wheels. The Utah-based manufacturer has just announced their new line of mountain wheelsets in the form of the M-Series, comprised of the M50, M60, M70, and M90. Cross-country riders will want the M50 (made for riders who spend about 50 percent amount of the time descending); the M60 and M70 are ideal for trail riding; and the M90 is stiff and strong for riders who spend the most of their time descending. They’re not cheap, but good wheelsets provide some of the best improvement to your bike. $999+
Dolby-Atmos-Amps-Gear-Patrol Onkyo Dolby Atmos Amplifiers and Speakers
Since its debut, Dolby Atmos has been limited to use in select cinemas, but the new audio format can soon be enjoyed in your own home theatre thanks to Onkyo’s upcoming releases. Availability begins in August, and we suspect it will pair well with your 4K screen and Blu-Ray copy of Gravity.
Aecraft-Flow-Gear-Patrol Aecraft Flow
Zippers and velcro are so out for enclosing your MacBook — Aecraft’s handsome new Flow laptop bag uses magnets. It’s made in Belgium from Merino wool felt and vegetable-tanned leather, which are also oh so in. ~$135
Belapri-Plastic-Package-Opener-Gear-Patrol Belapri Plastic Package Opener
There’s nothing more exciting than unboxing new gear. However, if said gear has been packaged in one of those hand shredding, tough to open blister packs, things can get ugly. Belapri’s new Plastic Package Opener promises to cut through blister packs with ease, and the $20 asking price seems worth it if it means avoiding a trip to the emergency room to get stitched up. $20
Social-Sweepster-Gear-Patrol Social Sweepster
Sharing that photo of yourself doing a keg stand might have seemed like a good idea at the time, but your future employer may not approve of your Animal House aspirations. Social Sweepster will comb through your Facebook and Twitter accounts and can automatically detect images that may appear inappropriate to nosey employers running a social media background check on you.
Withings-Activite-Gear-Patrol Wiithings Activité
A hybrid between a beautifully Swiss-made watch and a fitness tracker, the Wiithings Activité works with your smartphone’s Health Mate app to monitor movement — walking, running, swimming — and track calories. Your progress is tracked on a 0-100 scale on the dial; it monitors sleep and can wake you with a gentle vibration; the glass face is responsive to taps; its battery lasts a year without needing a charge. If you don’t like wearing a phone around your wrist, this is a more stylish, less digital, alternative. $390
RootsRated-Gear-Patrol RootsRated App
Not just for trail-hardened hikers, RootsRated is a new app that’ll help you find the best of anything outside, from trail running paths, prime whitewater, fishing and camping spots and more. After entering any activity and location, the app’ll give you suggestions, directions, reviews and tips based on insights from real local experts. Beware: RootsRated needs cell service to work. It’s meant to help discover new locations, not guide you after you get lost. Free
New-England-Gunpowder-Rye New England Distilling Gunpowder Rye
This young whiskey, made in Portland, ME with spicy Maryland style rye from local rye and 2-row barley, spends less than two years aging in American Oak. At 87 proof, this “anything but smooth” drink will hit you with blunt force (in the best possible way). $39
Ministry-of-Supply-Aviator-Chinos-Gear-Patrol Ministry of Supply Aviator Chinos
Founded a few years ago by a couple of MIT grads, Ministry of Supply makes preppy menswear with a technical bent. With increased ventilation and built-in moisture wicking, these chinos are great for summertime in (and outside of) the office. $118
AKG-K812-Gear-Patrol AKG K812 Reference Headphones
AKG’s latest headphones push the limit of high-end for music pros. They’re armed with the largest transducer AKG’s ever built (53mm), the strongest magnet system available on the market (1.5 Tesla) and a two-layer voice coil that “extends sound beyond the limits of the human auditory system”. Sounds cool, if not dangerous. They ship with their own wooden stand. Be careful not to blow out your ears after you’ve blown out your wallet. ~$2,000
Gibbs-Quadski-XL-Gear-Patrol Gibbs Quadski XL
Gibbs, the Amphibian Sports experts, have perfected their original Quadski. This jetski/ATV hybrid — with a BMW K13000cc 4-stroke in-line 4-cylinder engine and 4 wheel disc brakes — is now a two-seater. It’s able to reach 45 mph on both land and in water, and we highly anticipate a Bond chase scene involving one in the near future.
Ariel-Ace-Motorcycle Ariel Ace
Before it built the face-rearranging Atom, Ariel made face-rearranging motorcycles. Now, Ariel has announced that they will be building their first two-wheeler since the 1970s. The Ace will feature a 1237cc V4 churning out 173 horsepower and the option for a fully manual or dual clutch transmission. Believe it or not, the insane engine and drivetrain isn’t the most important part of this bike. That would be the interchangeable parts. Yes, if you’re the picky type, Ariel will offer a selection of different suspensions, tanks, seats and more, making this one of the most customizable bikes from the factory, ever.
Pollock-Arm-Charm-Gear-Patrol Knoll Pollock Arm Chair
Charles Pollock was broke when he walked into Knoll’s offices with several chair prototypes made from scrap plumbing. He was given a job and went on to develop what would become the iconic 657. Today, the 657 (more commonly referred to as the Pollock Chair) is most remembered for its iconic, minimalist design, where form followed function. The chair has been out of production for 35 years, but is now being reintroduced in memory of the legendary designer who passed away just last summer. It’s made from tubular steel, cast aluminum and high quality leather, so it should physically hold up for as long as the design does — that is, a lifetime. $2380
Nike-Lunar-Waverly-Golf-Shoes-Gear-Patrol Nike Golf Lunar Waverly and Lunar Mont Royal
Nike’s new Lunar Wavery and Lunar Mont Royal, available July 1, are inspired by the brand’s long history of manufacturing running and court sport trainers, so you don’t have to feel like a retiree the next time you play a round of 18 holes. Nike boasts that their new footwear is as comfortable as it is stylish, so feel free to ditch the E-Z-Go and walk the course instead. $100+
Nomad-Clip-Gear-Patrol Nomad Clip
If you’ve been draining your smartphone’s battery by playing a few too many games of 2048, but never have a charger on you, Nomad has got your back. Having already been successful with their Nomadcard and Nomadkey, the company has now made a carabiner-style USB charger that will easily clip onto your keychain or bag. Assuming you’re the forgetful type, or you’re just fed up with untangling cables, Nomadclip might just be what you need to keep connected, provided you have access to your computer.
Hex-Outcast-Collection-Gear-Patrol Hex Outpost Collection
Waxed canvas is one of the oldest forms of waterproof materials and, while it’s being replaced by modern materials like Gore-Tex, it remains both effective and handsome. Hex’s Outpost collection of bags — backpacks, totes and duffles — uses it in a slate gray with camo trim for a great understated look. $35+
Eagle-Rock-Breezeaway-Towel-Gear-Patrol ERYC X Breezeway Beach Towels
These towels from Eagle Rock Yacht Club and Brooklyn-based towel boutique Breezeway are what you might call “ridiculously expensive” for pieces of fabric you use to dry yourself. But then, they are limited edition. And you can pick from an East- or West-Coast inspiration. And the one you’ve been using for years smells like old seaweed. $100
norman-walsh-gear-patrol Norman Walsh UK Exhibition
These running sneakers are drenched in British history. Norman Walsh was crafting shoes before Churchill was Prime Minister; now, his company is being canonized in the footwear world. An exclusive exhibition displaying vintage shoes, photographs, archived documents and more will be displayed at the Northampton Museum & Art Gallery from July 8—27. The only wholly British owned brand left still makes vintage-looking trainers — so if you can’t make the exhibition, order a pair.
LG-G-Watch-Gear-Patrol LG G Watch
A murdered-out watch powered by Android Wear — we’re in. The G Watch (which also comes in white gold) has Google Now for answering questions on the fly; its powerful 400mAh battery will last a day on a single charge; it’s compatible with any Android 4.3 or above smartphone; it has 4 GB internal storage with 512 MB of RAM; and it’s IP67 water and dust resistant. $229
camera-strap-gear-patrol Hardgraft Re-Process Camera Strap
Easily convertible into a camera handle, this functional two-in-one vegetable-tanned Italian leather strap will make even a photography neophyte look like a seasoned (and stylish) pro. ~$166
NS2-Air-Monitors-Gear-Patrol NS2 Air Monitors V2
We’ve covered Nocs’s speakers before, but they’ve outdone themselves again by adding Spotify Connect to a set of Active speakers already tricked out with AirPlay and Bluetooth. Capable of 80W peak power, they’ll be available in a kaleidoscope of colors in August.
wigles-barrel-rested-ginever-gear-patrol Wigle’s Barrel-Rested Ginever
“Ginever”, or “Dutch-style”, gin is a traditional version of everyone’s favorite juniper berry tipple that’s still popular over in Europe. Wingle’s Ginever has a grain mash of rye, wheat and malted barley, along with plenty of botanicals, for an interesting, “fuller” gin. $50
finn-utility-dopp-kit-gear-patrol Finn Utility’s Dopp Kit
Hand-crafted from Horween leather, this traditional-looking travel kit with a brass zipper is ideal for carrying bathroom necessities. And if you’re ever bored during a long layover, you can tuck it under your arm and pretend you’re running with a football. $145