There it is: the Rosso Corsa Red of your affluent fund manager buddy’s new Ferrari, illuminated by the piercing light of your envy (and the sun). He’s got a big bank account but doesn’t possess a nano-sliver of skill on how to properly wring out his car on the road. Plus, he can’t possibly appreciate the car’s capabilities beyond its penchant for getting him first dibs for the valet service at his favorite Michelin Star restaurant. If you ever get a chance to drive it, you’ll release the spirit of Fangio and show your buddy the automotive ropes. But in the meantime, you’ll have to find other, more constructive ways to get your automotive mojo going, like purchasing a reasonably priced car that delivers driving thrills in spite of the low number at the bottom of its Monroney sticker. Yes, carmakers build them for guys like us, and though they may not have the prancing horse on the grille or elicit gazes from the bold and the beautiful, they still delight with great driving dynamics and the kind of motoring spirit that makes you feel like a kid again. These ten are our favorites.


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