A German grand tourer requires grand style

Kit: Mercedes-Benz 280 SL “Pagoda”

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Before you grab the wheel, grab the gear

You’re the guy who gets respect the subtle way. You don’t demand it; you’re not the showy type. It’s also how you choose your cars. Vintage only, built to last and never, ever out of style. That’s why you’ll drive the 280 SL “Pagoda”. It’s elegant and beautiful without barking for attention — an under-the-radar grand tourer that looks just as good parked at the hunting club as it does at the finest restaurant in town. But it’s also meant to be driven for long jaunts in the country, as it’s both sporting and great for the long haul. The kit we’ve chosen for this gentleman’s car works just as well in the urban environment as it does in more natural settings. You’ll be stylish, comfortable and classic…just like the vehicle you’ve chosen for your stable.


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