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Today in Gear: July 1, 2014

5OWL-Personal-Shelter-Gear-Patrol 5 Owls New All-Weather Personal Shelters
These aren’t tents; they’re “personal shelters” and a Colorado company has come out with a new series of them. The sleeping-bag/tent/bivouac-sack hybrids are easy to erect, offer a stellar view and protect you from Nature’s crawlers. We don’t know why you’d want to sleep in a small stream; but apparently, in one of these waterproof sleepers, you can. $359
Search-And-State-S2-R-Gear-Patrol Search and State S2R High Performance Jersey
To launch their high performance biking jersey, Search and State recruited Joseph Holway to wear it while riding across the country. The S2R—innovative side pockets, Riri zippers, and constructed from the most durable full stretch compression fabric—is supposed to “re-invent the black performance jersey”. Holway left Manhattan on June 10 and will be arriving in LA tomorrow, July 1st. Use hashtag #NYCtoGSC or follow Joseph’s Instagram (@josephholway) to see how the S2R holds up. $195
Myro-Air-Gear-Patrol Myro:Air
The Myro:Air is undoubtably cool. Featuring a Wolfson WM8741 DAC that offers the supreme audio quality, this AirPlay receiver syncs with any iOS device; has RS232 2-way metadata and transport control; and a USB connector to charge your iPhone. The sound this thing attacks you with is scary, but so is the price. $600
Base-Camp-Throat-Razor-Gear-Patrol BoC/BCX Cut-Throat Razor
Guys who want a razor they can probably skin a wild animal with, pay attention. Baxter of California and Base Camp X have designed a serious throat razor. The handcrafted Appalachian Hickory handle and 6/8” wide Blue Steel blade make this a genuine facial hair predator. $350
Big-Design-Pen-and-Stylus-Gear-Patrol Ti-POST Raw Pen + Stylus
We’ve covered their pens before, but now Ti-Post is at it again. The new pens are made from TA2 Titanium that’ll last a lifetime; will accept pretty much any refill; and come with caps and plugs for iPad use. If you can afford them, get them. $75
Filson-Briefcase-Gear-Patrol Filson’s The Black Collection
For avid GP readers, you’ll know we like our accessories murdered-out. So we’re pumped to announce that Filson is now offering their best-selling Rugged Twill luggage accoutrements in black. If you like your luggage stylish, dependable and naturally camouflaged at night, check out this Black Collection. $120+
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