Old Souls

Elements: Throwbacks

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Vintage design is all too often overdone or just plain silly (we’re looking at you, Chevrolet SSR), but there are still many new products inspired by old successes that carry on the spirit of their predecessors. The best incorporate tradition and pedigree into an everyday, useable package, proving that sometimes the old way of doing things is better than the new. Historical appeal aside, the aesthetics of these items alone throw us into a fit of nostalgia. For our latest installment of Elements we’ve compiled our favorite vintage-inspired products that are the next best thing to traveling back in time.

Our Picks: Panerai Pocket Watch (Learn More), Moto Guzzi V7 Racer ($10,500), HP 12c Financial Calculator ($73), Nike for J.Crew Killshot 2 ($70), Schoolhouse Electric Jack Chair ($1,300), Guideboat & Co. Guideboat ($4,850), Levi’s 1920 One Pocket Shirt ($225), Makr Keychain With Snap Hook ($32), McIntosh MC275 (Learn More Here), Tanqueray Old Tom Gin ($35)