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Today in Gear: July 2, 2014

Bavsound-Gear-Patrol BavSound
Aftermarket sound systems are pretty common in the automotive world, but for a BMW, some gaudy Fast and the Furious sound system will not do. BavSound, then, is worth checking out if you want to upgrade your Bimmer’s sound system without making warranty-voiding modifications, or selecting the ridiculously overpriced premium factory sound systems at the dealership. Most of BavSound’s systems are plug-and-play, so replacing your old speakers should be quick and painless. bavsound.com
Patagonia-Nano-Air-Jacket-Gear-Patrol Patagonia Nano-Air
While it may seem ridiculous to launch an insulated jacket during a season where tank tops and shorts are suitable attire, Patagonia is planning ahead for the cold season with their newly launched Nano-Air jackets. The range incorporates the qualities of fleece, soft shell, and puffy jackets with FullRange insulation and a weather-resistant, stretchable shell — a suitable inner layer during absurdly cold winters, or an external one for the less abusive months. $249 ()
Sun-Joe-Lawn-Mower-Gear-Patrol Sun Joe Ion Cordless Lawn Mower
As an alternative to noisy, gas-propelled mowers, electric push mowers are on the rise. SunJoe’s newest entry to the market is their cordless Ion 16-inch push mower, which promises near-silent operation and adjustable height. The mower will last up to 40 minutes on a single charge, making it ideal for people with small lawns or those who just need constant beer breaks. $400
Smartest-Bulb-In-Box-Gear-Patrol GE Link Connected LED Bulbs
While Bluetooth enabled lightbulbs aren’t entirely new, GE has announced its line of affordable lightbulbs that can “talk” with your smartphone. Communicating with an app called Wink, the GE bulbs eventually learn your schedule and record power usage. Just as well, users will be able to turn lights on and off and adjust dimness from anywhere they have smartphone access. gereports.com
Virgil-Kaine-Bourbon-Gear-Patrol Virgil Kaine Ginger Infused Bourbon
Rum may be your official summer drink, but bourbon isn’t going down without a fight. Our favorite brown liquid doesn’t need a twist, but South Carolinian distiller Virgil Kaine has done it anyway with this ginger-infused version. While it can easily be enjoyed as it was intended — on its own — its creators also suggest using it as a base for a variety of summertime cocktails. virgilkaine.com
Mr-Willie-Mack-Wax-Gear-Patrol Niven & Joshua Mr. Willie Mack’s All-Over Wax
No, it isn’t for achieving that oh-so-sexy hairless look in time for speedo season; Niven and Joshua’s All-Over Wax is so named because you can use it as a hydrating wax for your body as well as a styling wax for your hair. Made from only natural ingredients, it’s suitable for all skin types and will leave your skin smooth and smelling great — ladies. ~$48
best-pilot-watches-gear-patrol-lead Six Great Pilot’s Watches
New or old, a pilot’s watch much be legible, tough, accurate and reliable, with extra points awarded if it looks good riding the sleeve of a flight jacket. This flock hits those marks. Read the Story
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