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This Week in Sports and Outdoors: July 3, 2014

Mclaren-Tarmac-Gear-Patrol The $20,000 Bicycle
The partnership between Specialized bicycles and McLaren has dispensed its third product: the S-Works McLaren Tarmac. The $20,000 monster will be released in a run of 250, each one with a personalized nameplate. Peloton has the grisly details. Read More
Mr-Porter-Paris-Gear-Patrol Tour de France Nightlife
With the Tour de France beginning this Saturday, the folks at Mr. Porter have opened a critical investigation into what happens after three weeks of grueling racing. Five cyclists reveal where they eat, drink and party. Read More
USMNT-Food-Gear-Patrol What the USMNT Eats
We may be out of the World Cup, but we’re not quite done being fans of the USMNT. The New York Times goes behind the scenes to find out what Howard et al. ate in Brazil and who manned the pots and pans. Read More
Survival-Kit-Gear-Patrol The Ultimate Survival Kit
Some of you likely have basements fortified for the apocalypse. If not, Valet takes a look at Boltwell’s collection of neatly packaged, consumer-friendly emergency kits. Read More
Freedivers-Whales-Gear-Patrol The Freedivers Who Eavesdrop on Whales
A handful of divers are swimming 40 feet below the surface of the ocean, sans tank, with sperm whales in order to study their language. Outside has the story, excerpted from a new book by James Nestor. Read More
Check-round-the-world-Gear-patrol The Check Heard ‘Round the World
In 1976 the Philadelphia Flyers dominated the seemingly unstoppable Soviet Red Army Hockey team. Victory Journal tells the story in comic strip form. Watch It
Tracking-Gear-Patrol Combat Tracking 101
Ranking high among the life skills that are rarely necessary for civilians but are nevertheless good to have in the quiver: tracking an enemy. ITS Tactical has a primer from a retired U.S. Army Special Forces soldier. Read More
Road-To-Ironman-Gear-Patrol The Road to Ironman
Getting ready for an Ironman this summer, or planning one for 2015? Find some inspiration in our Road to Ironman series from 2012. Read More