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Today in Gear: July 3, 2014

Nokori-Folding-Chair-Gear-Patrol Tanner Goods Nokori Folding Chair
Handmade from top to bottom — allying smooth mahogany wood with heavy Chromexcel leather — these beautifully functional (maybe not financial practical) collapsing chairs are a luxurious upgrade on an ordinary item. $495 ()
Thinkeco-Smarttac-Gear-Patrol ThinkEco smartAC Wi-Fi Kit
Air conditioning isn’t a luxury during the sultry months, it’s a necessity. This smartAC kit cuts the costs that come with staying cool. It connects to all plug-in air conditioners, monitors room temperature by turning A/C on/off automatically, can be programed to run on a schedule, and room temperature is easily adjusted via smartphone app even if you’re not home. $120
Crown-Royal-75-Gear-Patrol Crown Royal Monarch 75th Anniversary Blend
Seventy-five years ago, Crown Royal whiskey was gifted to King George VI and Queen Elizabeth when they came to North America. That’s not important us. But here’s what is: they’re coming out with a special blend of their iconic whisky to celebrate the occasion. $75
Everyday-Tray-Gear-Patrol The Utility Collective Everyday Trays
These rustic trays — which are California made, sculpted from white oak and hand-finished with food-safe oil — are the perfect refuge for loose change and random throw toys. They may even deceive people into thinking you’re sophisticated. $125
Brooks-Heritage-Gear-Patrol Brooks Heritage Footwear Collection
We like running sneaks, and Brooks Running Company is releasing some fly ones to celebrate their hundredth anniversary. Available in a variety of color combinations, the Heritage line pairs a ’70s and ’80s retro style with modern running technology. $80
Simply-7-Chips-Gear-Patrol Simply7 Chips
Having potato chips made of potatoes is so 2013. Why not have them made of hummus, lentil, pomegranate or quinoa and still keep the flavors like sea salt, BBQ and sour cream? Plus, because they have 50 percent less fat than potato chips, you can feel better about the whole “couch and chips while watching the game” scenario. $3 each
Foam-Roller-Gear-Patrol-Lead The Art Of Foam Rolling In Five Moves
Right up there with kettlebells and battle ropes, foam rollers are ubiquitous at gyms but nevertheless require a bit of explanation if you want to incorporate them into your fitness and recovery routine. We spoke with an expert to find out five easy exercises you can do at home or in the office. Read the story
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