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Elements: Dual Threats

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Two for the price of one. Who can’t get behind a premise like that? We’re not talking about Corona-themed tank tops hocked in Cancun to the fanny-packed masses here (but…still). We’re talking about those rare multi-tasking gems that force you to reassess what’s possible in this day and age. The best of the dual-threat bunch become icons, whether real — the Swiss Army Knife, Bo Jackson — or imagined — a Delorean turned time machine. Most at least make the rest of your possessions look useless in comparison. In some cases their genius stems from clever hacks that seem obvious in hindsight; in others, the magic comes from years of groundbreaking research and technological progress. This is a celebration of versatile items from all walks of life. May your future purchases forever be multi-talented.

Our Picks: Microsoft Surface Pro 3 | Mophie Space Pack: $180 | Killspencer Dopp Folio: $189, Knife & Saw Bike Shelf: $299 | Postalco Reversible Post Buckle Belt: ~$245 | Poppin Ping Pong Conference Table: $3,000 | Gibbs Quadski XL | Etón American Red Cross FRX3: $43 | Breitling Emergency II | Travelteq Travel Jacket: $256
The Best of a Laptop Meets the Best of a Tablet


There was probably a time not too long ago when you were thrilled to own a laptop and a tablet. How long did those feelings last? If you’re now one of the many disenchanted with schlepping separate devices around for work and play (#FirstWorldProblems), the good news is that the Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft gets it. As the thinnest Intel Core product ever made, it crams all of the computing power of professional-grade laptop into a tablet-sized format that measures a mere 9.1mm thick. Something has to be missing from it though, right? Well, if a 12-inch, 2160 x 1440 pixel screen, a full-friction kickstand capable of positioning the device at any angled position ranging from 22 to 150 degrees, intuitive stylus integration and a full-sized backlit QWERTY keyboard with touchpad via a magnetized Type Cover sounds lacking to you, then we guess the answer is yes. For those of us living in reality, however, the Surface Pro 3 is the best reason we’ve ever seen to skip the laptop and buy a tablet. Learn More Here.