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This Week in Culture: July 4, 2014

Tales from behind the mask. This week, The New Yorker published a profile on those dudes in Time Square who dress like Elmo, Spiderman and various other characters. It’s full of broken noses, racial epithets and douchey tourists.
The nine in black decide. Can’t tell Scalia apart from Ginsburg, much less their ideologies? You’re in luck: nineteen legal thinkers break down the biggest decisions made by the Supreme Court this year.
The Sony Walkman turned 35 this week. In commemoration of its anniversary, The Verge published a visual history of music player that defined the 1980s.
SPOILER ALERT! Oops too late. Actually, according to the A.V. Club, if you didn’t know about Walter’s death, it’s sort of your fault, and you’re also holding back a lot of constructive discussion about the show. In short, spoilerphobes are making us miss much more than just a spoiler or two.
Speaking of TV shows… The HBO office in Seattle, which focuses on HBO Go and Research and Development, is growing rapidly. We’re sure Game of Thrones had nothing to do with it.
We wouldn’t have beat Argentina anyway. Lionel Messi is a freak of nature, at least, according to FiveThirtyEight. Click here and scroll to the data graphs. Each one shows Messi as an outlier, even more so than Ronaldo.
Colonizing Venus…well, colonizing a plane 30 miles above Venus. Science fiction writers have come up with a plan for creating a livable habitat high above the surface of Venus, and it’s actually pretty realistic.
Bill Fucking Murray! The trailer for Bill Murray’s newest movie, St. Vincent, was released today. Add that one to your list of these other 33 Movies to see this summer.
The history of pilot watches. Gear Patrol covered the Complete History of Breitling Pilot’s Watches this week, in case you missed it.
Tim Howard is also a freak. Tim Howard, the US National Team’s goalie, set a World Cup record for most saves in a single game with 16. All the Tim Howard-related love led someone to dig up a video of him scoring a goal. No, seriously.
A billion dollars worth of tissues. The super wealthy are super whiney, The New Yorker reports.
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