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Today in Gear: July 7, 2014

The-Make-Surfcomb-Gear-Patrol The Make Co.’s Surfcomb
That plastic surfcomb tethered to your board shorts — upgrade it. Easily linking to your keychain, this new surf comb, fashioned from copper and walnut, will tarnish and wear nicely over time and comes with a Dominion Leather sheath. $98
Horse-Cycles-X-KM-City-Cruiser-Gear-Patrol Horse Cycles X KM City Cruiser
Handcrafted in Brooklyn, this single-speed bike is the love child of Kaufmann Mercantile and Horse Cycles. Its strong yet lightweight frame is made with the same 4130 steel True Temper tubing once used in Tour de France racing bikes. Oh, and if you’re investing this much in a cruiser, you’re smart enough not to park it in an NYC bike rack (we hope). $1,895
Recipe-For-Men-Shaving-Foam-Gear-Patrol Recipe For Men’s Ultra Sensitive Shaving Foam
If you’ve read GP’s interview with Big T and you want to emulate him, this is the stuff he uses. Developed with the help of the tattooed ordic barber, it’s different from regular shaving foams — full of air that’ll dry/damage your skin. But (for Game of Thrones fans) just because you’re swinging a Valyrian sword, doesn’t mean you can slay a dragon. Shave carefully. $18
BillyKirk-Leather-Box-Gear-Patrol BillyKirk’s No. 361 Small Leather Box
Girls have their little black book. You need a little black box. This hand-sticked leather nesting box — 5″ x 3″ x 2 1/2″ — is a perfect hiding place for your manly trinkets. $110
Jazz-Club-Gear-Patrol Maison Martin Margiela’s “Replica” Jazz Club
Cologne is usually described in ridiculously verbose language. This one is supposed to have captured the “ambiance of a Brooklyn jazz club”; we simply like the way it smells. Spray some on and see if you can smell the saxophone jams. $125
Thug-Kitchen-Cook-Book-Gear-Patrol Thug Kitchen Cook Book
The explicitly blunt founders of the food blog Thug Kitchen are coming out with a cook book packed with inventive recipes, photos and cash-saving tips. Prepare yourself; it comes out in October. thugkitchen.com
Google-World-Cup-War-Room-Gear-Patrol Inside Google’s World Cup War Room
If the World Cup isn’t about triumph or tragedy as eleven countrymen fight for national pride with illustrious skill, then dammit, it’s about data. And where there is data, there is Google. Every match a team of analysts, writers, and artists are standing by holding their finger to the social pulse of the world, and when something big happens, Google’s World Cup War Room responds. Read this story
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