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How to Fell a Tree Like a Logging World Champion

July 9, 2014 Guides & How-To's By Photo by Ben Bowers
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How a man applies Horace’s famed “carpe diem” to his long weekends is a Rorschach test of sorts, akin to how he eats red meat. Some heed the wisdom by crushing a twelve pack. Others spackle the bathroom. Your agenda might mix productivity and pleasure…just hopefully not at the same time.

If the plan happens to involve keeping trees in check using a chainsaw, know now that there’s a bit more to handling the tool than yanking a chord and letting ‘er rip. We trekked to Huskvarna, Sweden — a mecca of sorts in the world of chainsaws (pronounced “hoosk-varna” by locals) — to learn the art of cutting firsthand from master logger Lars Strandell. The exacting Swede is a seventeen-year participant and frequent gold medal winner of the World Logging Championships, as well as one of only two world record holders to ever earn a perfect score in the international competition’s tree felling event. Surrounded by the natural serenity of his native land, Strandell demonstrated how pros conduct themselves in the woods.

Read on to learn the tricks of the trade for yourself, or browse the slides above.

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