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Today in Gear: July 10, 2014

Pastoe-X-Tenue-de-Nimes-FM06-KM05-Gear-Patrol Pastoe X Tenue de Nîmes FM06 and KM05
Pastoe’s FM05 chair and KM05 stool date back to 1958; they’ve aged well over the last 56 years. Each chair’s frame is crafted from black steel wire and includes walnut armrests. Pastoe teamed up with Dutch denim producer Tenue de Nîmes to create comfortable, high-quality cushions. $505+
Furnish-App-Today-in-Gear Furnish
If there are two things we love, it’s quality furniture (see above) and useful phone apps. Combine the two and you get Furnish. Using your phone’s camera, the app allows you to get a glimpse of how a sofa or chair might look in a certain area of your home. Furnish’s catalog includes pieces from makers like Pottery Barn and Knoll, with new brands added every month. thefurnishapp.com
Will-Leather-Goods-Traveler-Duffle-Gear-Patrol Will Leather Goods Traveler Duffle
Duffle bags aren’t just for your nasty gym clothes. Will Leather Good’s new Traveler Duffle features a canvas and bridle leather construction as well as leather reinforced corners and box stitching, making it a durable bag that looks incredibly classy for pretty much any travel usage. $395
Synek Draft System Gear Patrol Synek Draft System
The future of beer drinking may very well be here if the creators of Synek have it their way–their crowd sourced at-home draft system has already met it’s Kickstarter goal. The innovation comes from the way the beer is packaged–in cartridges that are 128oz (that’s about 11 beers) in size, that can withstand up to 30 PSI. These cartridges make storage and shipment of beer easier and safer, meaning that even the smallest, most obscure brewery can fill up a cartridge and ship it out. More than 700 breweries have agreed to start packaging beer in Synek’s cartiges, meaning that beer lovers will be able to try some of the brews they’ve been longing for. syneksystem.com ()
incident gTar Gear Patrol Incident gTar
If you’ve had dreams of shredding like a pro but don’t know where to start, the Incident gTar might be for you. Essentially, the gTar is built like a regular guitar, has LED lights on the fretboard that respond to an app in your smartphone. The lights show you what notes to play, and track whether or not you’re playing it correctly. The gTar is also compatible with over 150 apps, meaning that the possibilities for learning and creating riffs are incredibly easy. $399
JungMaven Hemp Shirt Gear Patrol Jung Maven Hemp Shirts
Saving the Earth through hemp sounds like something your slacker roommate would say but the fact is industrial hemp uses less water, eats carbon dioxide, replenishes soil, and eats heavy metals out of the earth so surfer Rob Jungmann set out to clothe everyone in hemp by 2020. His amazingly comfortable t-shirts might make this dream come true. $20+
European-Soccer-Fan-gear-Patrol-Lead The Rise of the European Soccer Fan in America
the World Cup is an aberration. Soccer fans aren’t privileged to such an event every other month. It’s every fours years. After the final on July 13, players will travel back to their respective clubs (a “club” refers to a team and its organization), but what’ll we — the masses of newly converted football fans, spoiled by perpetual matches — do? Do we fall back under the veil of American ignorance, pretending it’s a second-tier sport? No. Watch the MLS? Not just yet. Instead, we’ll follow the world’s best players back to Europe. Here are the basics, and how to watch. Read the Story
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