Today in Gear: July 11, 2014

Tenba Roadie Hybrid Gear Patrol Tenba Roadie II Hybrid
With room for a 17-inch laptop, two DSLR cameras, 6-8 lenses and tons of accessories, the Tenba Roadie II Hybrid makes the perfect companion for any shoot. Best of all, it adheres to the strictest airline carry-on guidelines — meaning no more separation anxiety at baggage claim. $325
Bell star pro helmet gear patrol Bell Star Pro Helmet
If there’s one thing occasional bike riders and aspiring Tour riders can agree on, it’s that biking in the heat of July can be a killer. With one innovation, the Bell Star Pro makes summer biking as comfortable as a waterside drive: a slider that allows riders to control how much air flows through the helmet. Say goodbye to hotbox headgear; say hello to air conditioning for your head. Bellhelmets.com
The World of Departures Gear Patrol The World of Departures
We draw inspiration from the best print travel journalism. So, naturally, we’re thrilled by this new release from the best of the best: Departures magazine, which is available only for American Express Platinum and Centurion card holders, is releasing 25 years of archived material in one tasteful tome.$75
Montane-Minimus-Gear-Patrol Montane Minimus Jacket
Nothing hampers a hike more than heavy apparel. Montane’s Minimus Jacket is extremely light at 7.3 ounces and made with 15D and 40D ripstop fabric that breathes well, making it the perfect ultralight backpacking shell. $190
Edison-Bulb-Gear-Patrol Edison Light Globes
These bulbs merge LED lights’ power-saving innovation with the low-key aesthetic of Edison bulbs, found in every fine establishment in Brooklyn. $30+
Pegboard-Gear-Patrol Humancraftd Peg Board
If you use your garage for more than mere Christmas light storage, you know how useful a simple peg board can be. Humancraftd’s miniature peg board allows you to bring the usefulness of that garage staple to every section of your home.$50
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