This Week in Culture: July 11, 2014

Naked athletes are back ESPN The Magazine came out with its Body Issue this week. Tennis icon Venus Williams, hockey player Hilary Knight and surfer Coco Ho are all in there, looking great. Also, baseball player Prince Fielder.
Hobbit news!…NOT Oscar-Winning Director Peter Jackson announced on his Facebook page that the final Hobbit movie trailer…would not be coming out until October (at Comic-Con). Oof. But a teaser trailer will be released soon. If you need a movie fix sooner, The Rise of the Planet of the Apes is getting good reviews.
Emmy Nominations are out The two most nominated shows: Game of Thrones and FX’s Fargo. The Hollywood Reporter‘s complete list has all the info.
Argentina vs Germany It’s decided. After Messi and Co. won out on penalties and the Germans massacred the host nation, we finally have our World Cup final matchup. Until Sunday, this week’s New York Times article should keep you busy. And once it’s over, there’s always more soccer to watch across the pond.
The Tour de France is underway Rubber meets the road again for the best road bikers in the world. They’ve made it through the first few stages, but stay updated on the tour‘s latest activity.
Give it a 100 pages… Which books are started but never completed? Goodreads has compiled the most abandoned books. See if you’re part of the statistic.
Have an indoor storm This lamp imitates a thunderstorm, sound included. Admittedly, it’s pretty tacky in the daylight, but turn the lights off and this thing is pure gold.
Losing control of American Apparel Dov Charney’s hold on American Apparel had been precarious at best — and it’s nigh impossible to grasp something tightly with slimy hands. Bloomberg Businessweek‘s article recounts the fall of this obsessive CEO.
The new king and queen of Wimbledon Britain’s most regal tennis competition canonized new royalty this week: Djokovic the monarch; Kvitova the matriarch. Grantland explains why they’re so deserving. Speaking of royalty…King James is headed back to Cleveland.
A little too much love for IKEA… The Chinese have found a way to lessen the soul-masticating experience that is shopping at IKEA: hanging out there. For really long periods of time.
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