This Week in Gear: July 12, 2014

The Gear You Missed
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The-Make-Surfcomb-Gear-Patrol The Make Co.’s Surfcomb
That plastic surfcomb tethered to your board shorts — upgrade it. Easily linking to your keychain, this new surf comb, fashioned from copper and walnut, will tarnish and wear nicely over time and comes with a Dominion Leather sheath. $98
Horse-Cycles-X-KM-City-Cruiser-Gear-Patrol Horse Cycles X KM City Cruiser
Handcrafted in Brooklyn, this single-speed bike is the love child of Kaufmann Mercantile and Horse Cycles. Its strong yet lightweight frame is made with the same 4130 steel True Temper tubing once used in Tour de France racing bikes. Oh, and if you’re investing this much in a cruiser, you’re smart enough not to park it in an NYC bike rack (we hope). $1,895
Recipe-For-Men-Shaving-Foam-Gear-Patrol Recipe For Men’s Ultra Sensitive Shaving Foam
If you’ve read GP’s interview with Big T and you want to emulate him, this is the stuff he uses. Developed with the help of the tattooed ordic barber, it’s different from regular shaving foams — full of air that’ll dry/damage your skin. But (for Game of Thrones fans) just because you’re swinging a Valyrian sword, doesn’t mean you can slay a dragon. Shave carefully. $18
BillyKirk-Leather-Box-Gear-Patrol BillyKirk’s No. 361 Small Leather Box
Girls have their little black book. You need a little black box. This hand-sticked leather nesting box — 5″ x 3″ x 2 1/2″ — is a perfect hiding place for your manly trinkets. $110
Jazz-Club-Gear-Patrol Maison Martin Margiela’s “Replica” Jazz Club
Cologne is usually described in ridiculously verbose language. This one is supposed to have captured the “ambiance of a Brooklyn jazz club”; we simply like the way it smells. Spray some on and see if you can smell the saxophone jams. $125
Thug-Kitchen-Cook-Book-Gear-Patrol Thug Kitchen Cook Book
The explicitly blunt founders of the food blog Thug Kitchen are coming out with a cook book packed with inventive recipes, photos and cash-saving tips. Prepare yourself; it comes out in October.
Google-World-Cup-War-Room-Gear-Patrol Inside Google’s World Cup War Room
If the World Cup isn’t about triumph or tragedy as eleven countrymen fight for national pride with illustrious skill, then dammit, it’s about data. And where there is data, there is Google. Every match a team of analysts, writers, and artists are standing by holding their finger to the social pulse of the world, and when something big happens, Google’s World Cup War Room responds. Read this story
filson-dry-duffel-gear-patrol Filson Dry Duffle
According to Filson, this roll-top duffel — a slick number with smooth, black vinyl coating– is “ideal for transporting gear by pickup or boat.” So it’s clearly the perfect bag to store your wetsuit and scuba gear so that you can infiltrate a drug lab a la Goldfinger (with or without the plastic duck). But if espionage doesn’t strike your fancy, we’re sure it’ll suit whatever does. $160
jordan-flight-flex-gear-patrol Jordan Flightflex Men’s Training Shoes
Stability is key with training shoes. These kicks cut out the extravagant flare common among training shoes in favor of a streamlined design that ensures safe and effective exercise: lightweight materials, comfortable heels, arch support and reinforced outsoles. $100
bittermilk-mixers-gear-patrol Bittermilk Cocktail Mixers
Who says pre-made mixers are for the weak? Well, all right — more than a few people. But here’s the exception to the rule: Bittermilk’s quartet of handcrafted cocktail mixers — Smoked Honey Whiskey Sour, Tom Collins with Elderflowers and Hops, and Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Fashioned, and Old Fashioned Rouge — proves that mixers can amount to much more than the contents of some juice boxes and cheap hooch.
R-Kaid-R-Gear-Patrol Love Hulten R-Kaid-R
Games are in a bit of a lull right now. So embrace the old with Love Hulten’s R-Kaid-R — a handcrafted gaming machine that one could easily mistake for a cigar box. You can quit storing your old NES in the garage out of sentimentality; this little box can support games from the days of the Atari 2600 to the Playstation 1, plus the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance. Leave it on your table as a nostalgic conversation starter, or connect it to your TV via HDMI and pretend you’re eight years old again. ~$3,400
DEWALT-DCS551D2-Tool-Kit-Gear-Patrol Dewalt 20V Max Lithium Ion Cordless Drywall Cut-Out Tool Kit
Whether you’re remodeling or preparing for hurricane season, new tools are a necessity. Dewalt’s Cordless Drywall Cut-Out Tool Kit boasts a formidable 26,000 rpm motor, making renovations easy and fortifications a relief. Its LED light further eases any potential anxieties — and since the cutter is dust-sealed, the purchase is as secure as well-placed shutters. $195
Bill-Bryson-One-Summer-Book-Gear-Patrol One Summer: America, 1927 by Bill Bryson
This summer marks the return of Bill Bryson, just in time to curb whatever temptation you may have had to pick up a trashy paperback. Focusing on key happenings in the summer of 1927 — such as Lindbergh’s transatlantic flight, the Great Mississippi Flood, and the advent of talking motion pictures — Bryson gives some much-needed perspective in today’s world. Turns out it always moved quickly.$14
Electric-Motorcycles-Gear-Patrol-Lead Positively Charged: 7 Best Electric Motorcycles of 2014
We’ve yet to reach an age of fuel-free cars. One GP writer claims that motorcycles are a readier fit for battery-powered clean energy. Here are seven bikes that don’t hog fuel. Read The Story
Wilson-Federer-Racket-Gear-Patrol Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph
You can’t argue with Roger Federer (17 grand slams tends to shut people up). His new weapon, the Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph, which is still in the prototype stage but will eventually be available to the public, promises a slightly larger racket head and sweet spot.
Cole-Haan-ZeroGrand-Gear-Patrol Cole Haan ZeroGrand
Cole Haan has adapted the centuries-old brogue style with modern materials and construction to create their lightest shoe ever at 290 grams each. The use of fewer seams and a ripstop nylon upper should be more comfortable than old-school brogues. $248+
Harbor-Metal-Gear-Patrol Harbor Metal Co.
Harbor Metal Co.’s storage cases use repurposed airline beverage carts and other sustainable, reclaimed materials, proving that recycling isn’t just for swanky Brooklyn coffee shops. They’re available in a variety of finishes and materials, making them a solid upgrade on your current range of cardboard boxes. $900+
Microsoft-Kinnect-V2-Gear-Patrol Kinect for Windows V2 Sensor
Flappy Bird’s creator was making $50k a day thanks to his app. Want to get in on that? Microsoft’s new V2 sensor pairs with its Kinect for Windows development software to aid developers in the creation of gesture and voice intuitive applications. The new sensor will be available later this month. $199
Swich-Charger-Gear-Patrol Swich Wireless Charger
Wireless charging stations are pretty cool — and convenient — but they aren’t exactly the most attractive gadgets around. The Swich Wireless Charger, however, is made from wood and ceramics, and while its design is said to be based on a wave, we’d prefer to just call it a clean, handsome design.
Espresso-Print-Gear-Patrol Exceptionally Great Espresso Print
Stellavie’s new espresso silkscreen print emphasizes both the art and science of brewing espresso by showing what it takes to make a good cup through text and diagrams. The print is more than informative: the simple aesthetic makes for a dignified piece of artwork that’ll look great in your kitchen. ~$82
Avant-Garde-Gear-Patrol-Lead- Avant-Garde Watches on a Budget
Avant-garde watch design is best designed by what isn’t, rather than what it is: Understand classics like dress, dive, and aviator watches and you’ll know avant-garde when you see it. The problem with breaking the mold is that these watches often come with an equally unbelievable and impressive price tags, leaving mere mortals’ bank accounts wanting. But more recently, a handful of watchmakers have taken a shot at inspired and unique design, without the insane price tags. These are our favorites that at least won’t bankrupt you. Read the Story
Pastoe-X-Tenue-de-Nimes-FM06-KM05-Gear-Patrol Pastoe X Tenue de Nîmes FM06 and KM05
Pastoe’s FM05 chair and KM05 stool date back to 1958; they’ve aged well over the last 56 years. Each chair’s frame is crafted from black steel wire and includes walnut armrests. Pastoe teamed up with Dutch denim producer Tenue de Nîmes to create comfortable, high-quality cushions. $505+
Furnish-App-Today-in-Gear Furnish
If there are two things we love, it’s quality furniture (see above) and useful phone apps. Combine the two and you get Furnish. Using your phone’s camera, the app allows you to get a glimpse of how a sofa or chair might look in a certain area of your home. Furnish’s catalog includes pieces from makers like Pottery Barn and Knoll, with new brands added every month.
Will-Leather-Goods-Traveler-Duffle-Gear-Patrol Will Leather Goods Traveler Duffle
Duffle bags aren’t just for your nasty gym clothes. Will Leather Good’s new Traveler Duffle features a canvas and bridle leather construction as well as leather reinforced corners and box stitching, making it a durable bag that looks incredibly classy for pretty much any travel usage. $395
Synek Draft System Gear Patrol Synek Draft System
The future of beer drinking may very well be here if the creators of Synek have it their way–their crowd sourced at-home draft system has already met it’s Kickstarter goal. The innovation comes from the way the beer is packaged–in cartridges that are 128oz (that’s about 11 beers) in size, that can withstand up to 30 PSI. These cartridges make storage and shipment of beer easier and safer, meaning that even the smallest, most obscure brewery can fill up a cartridge and ship it out. More than 700 breweries have agreed to start packaging beer in Synek’s cartiges, meaning that beer lovers will be able to try some of the brews they’ve been longing for. ()
incident gTar Gear Patrol Incident gTar
If you’ve had dreams of shredding like a pro but don’t know where to start, the Incident gTar might be for you. Essentially, the gTar is built like a regular guitar, has LED lights on the fretboard that respond to an app in your smartphone. The lights show you what notes to play, and track whether or not you’re playing it correctly. The gTar is also compatible with over 150 apps, meaning that the possibilities for learning and creating riffs are incredibly easy. $399
JungMaven Hemp Shirt Gear Patrol Jung Maven Hemp Shirts
Saving the Earth through hemp sounds like something your slacker roommate would say but the fact is industrial hemp uses less water, eats carbon dioxide, replenishes soil, and eats heavy metals out of the earth so surfer Rob Jungmann set out to clothe everyone in hemp by 2020. His amazingly comfortable t-shirts might make this dream come true. $20+
European-Soccer-Fan-gear-Patrol-Lead The Rise of the European Soccer Fan in America
the World Cup is an aberration. Soccer fans aren’t privileged to such an event every other month. It’s every fours years. After the final on July 13, players will travel back to their respective clubs (a “club” refers to a team and its organization), but what’ll we — the masses of newly converted football fans, spoiled by perpetual matches — do? Do we fall back under the veil of American ignorance, pretending it’s a second-tier sport? No. Watch the MLS? Not just yet. Instead, we’ll follow the world’s best players back to Europe. Here are the basics, and how to watch. Read the Story
Tenba Roadie Hybrid Gear Patrol Tenba Roadie II Hybrid
With room for a 17-inch laptop, two DSLR cameras, 6-8 lenses and tons of accessories, the Tenba Roadie II Hybrid makes the perfect companion for any shoot. Best of all, it adheres to the strictest airline carry-on guidelines — meaning no more separation anxiety at baggage claim. $325
Bell star pro helmet gear patrol Bell Star Pro Helmet
If there’s one thing occasional bike riders and aspiring Tour riders can agree on, it’s that biking in the heat of July can be a killer. With one innovation, the Bell Star Pro makes summer biking as comfortable as a waterside drive: a slider that allows riders to control how much air flows through the helmet. Say goodbye to hotbox headgear; say hello to air conditioning for your head.
The World of Departures Gear Patrol The World of Departures
We draw inspiration from the best print travel journalism. So, naturally, we’re thrilled by this new release from the best of the best: Departures magazine, which is available only for American Express Platinum and Centurion card holders, is releasing 25 years of archived material in one tasteful tome.$75
Montane-Minimus-Gear-Patrol Montane Minimus Jacket
Nothing hampers a hike more than heavy apparel. Montane’s Minimus Jacket is extremely light at 7.3 ounces and made with 15D and 40D ripstop fabric that breathes well, making it the perfect ultralight backpacking shell. $190
Edison-Bulb-Gear-Patrol Edison Light Globes
These bulbs merge LED lights’ power-saving innovation with the low-key aesthetic of Edison bulbs, found in every fine establishment in Brooklyn. $30+
Pegboard-Gear-Patrol Humancraftd Peg Board
If you use your garage for more than mere Christmas light storage, you know how useful a simple peg board can be. Humancraftd’s miniature peg board allows you to bring the usefulness of that garage staple to every section of your home.$50