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In Case You Missed It: July 13

Foam-Roller-Gear-Patrol-Lead The Art of Foam Rolling in Five Moves
Right up there with kettlebells and battle ropes, foam rollers are ubiquitous at gyms but nevertheless require a bit of explanation if you want to incorporate them into your fitness and recovery routine. We spoke with an expert to find out five easy exercises you can do at home or in the office. Learn to Roll
o-till-o-photo-essay Photo Essay: Ö Till Ö
The Ö Till Ö run/swim race in Sweden is 46 miles long. That’s an impressive distance — especially when you consider that 6 miles are in the water and the remaining 40 miles take racers over the rocky terrain of 26 islands off the coast of Stockholm. See the Photos
best-canned-beer-gear-patrol-lead 10 Canned Craft Beers To Drink Now
Today, at least 400 craft breweries are canning more than 1,400 beers. These 10 are the best of the major styles, from double IPAs to strong ales. See the Brews
the-man-steak-gear-patrol-ambiance The Dish: The Man Steak
Comprised of the sirloin with all of its various muscles intact (including the tenderloin), the Man Steak is a beautiful thing to behold. Tom Mylan, owner of The Meat Hook, a whole animal butcher shop in Brooklyn, NY, shares a recipe for one from his cookbook. See the Steak
Somoroff-Gear-Patrol-Lead Late Plates: Michael Somoroff
For our latest edition of Late Plates, GP’s Jeremy Berger met up with commercial director, fine artist, classic car collector and philosopher Michael Somoroff at the emporium of Italian foods and fine dining in New York, Eataly, for a plate of pasta and an education in living a fulfilling life. Read the Interview
Seneca-Gear-Patrol-Lead Seneca vs Social Media: Dumping the Smartphone for Idle Thought
I recently started reading Seneca’s Letters to a Stoic and was surprised by the content of his first letter: “Nothing, to my way of thinking, is better proof of a well ordered mind than a man’s ability to stop just where he is and pass some time in his own company.” This has some real clout. And it also started me worrying. Because I’m certainly not the owner of a well-ordered mind; and lately, I haven’t been stopping and passing any time whatsoever in my own company. Why? At least partly because I can’t stop scrolling through junk on my cell phone. Read the Opinion
hiking-the-great-sand-dunes-of-colorado-gear-patrol-lead Hiking the Great Sand Dunes of Colorado
Colorado’s Great Sand Dunes in the San Luis Valley are the tallest dunes in America, reaching peaks of 750 feet. GP contributor Will McGough took off his shoes and played in the sand. See the Photos
Best-Sports-Earphones-Gear-Patrol-Lead Sound and Fury: The Best Sports Headphones
We put dozens of headphones through their paces on long runs, bike rides and bodyweight exercises to find the ten best sports headphones. See the Headphones
30-Minutes-Paul-White-Gear-Patrol-Lead 30 Minutes With: Paul Steely White
Being a pedestrian or a cyclist in a city can be as harrowing as it is liberating. Nobody knows that better than Paul White, executive director of Transportation Alternatives, a New York City non-profit promoting cycling, walking and public transit. Read the Interview
best-texas-bbq-gear-patrol-animation-lead The Lone Star Smokeshow: 6 Must-Eats on the Texas BBQ Trail
Texas is home to the original cowboys, the gunslingers and trailblazers. They pushed 20 million head of cattle through Dustbowl territory during the historic cattle drives. Beef is in their blood. And their barbecue is the best there is. We sought out the legendary joints in the heart of the Lone Star state. See the Ribs
Electric-Motorcycles-Gear-Patrol-Lead Positively Charged: 7 Best Electric Motorcycles of 2014
While electric cars have stumbled in the recent past, motorcycles have readily embraced digital propulsion — even Harley-Davidson has one in the works. With less mass to motivate, shorter runtime requirements and a complete lack of power-robbing creature features, motorcycles are a natural fit for battery-operated powerplants. Here are the seven best electric motorcycles of 2014. See the Bikes
how-to-fell-a-tree-gear-patrol-lead How to Fell a Tree Like a Logging World Champion
A Swedish World Champion logger shows us how to properly fell a tree with a chainsaw. All you need is some confidence, the right safety gear, and (perhaps) some plaid fleece. See the Manliness
from-ashes-gear-patrol-lead The Rise of the European Soccer Fan in America
The United States Men’s National Soccer Team (#USMNT) was knocked out of the World Cup by Belgium in the Round of 16, but you already know this. You watched it. More people streamed the U.S.’s third World Cup match versus Germany — which kicked off on a Wednesday afternoon — than this year’s Super Bowl. Their previous game versus Portugal was the most watched U.S. soccer game ever. Basically, if your television wasn’t showing footy, you were either kidnapped or not a sports fan.

But here’s the deal: the World Cup is an aberration. Soccer fans aren’t privileged to such an event every other month. It’s every fours years. After the final on July 13, players will travel back to their respective clubs (a “club” refers to a team and its organization), but what’ll we — the masses of newly converted football fans, spoiled by perpetual matches — do? Do we fall back under the veil of American ignorance, pretending it’s a second-tier sport? No. Watch the MLS? Not just yet. Instead, we’ll follow the world’s best players back to Europe. Here are the basics, and how to watch. Read the Guide

havasu-falls-gear-patrol-lead The Long Way in to Havasu Falls
Adventure travelers have an advantage that others don’t: Anyone can get on a plane and land in a remote location, but no matter how much someone talks about that place deep in the wilderness, few have what it takes to make the journey. View the Photos
how-to-use-a-standup-desk-gear-patrol-lead Learning to Work Standing Up
Should we all be working at stand-up desks? A GP correspondent reports on his week spent afoot. Relearn how to Stand