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Kit: Facel Vega HK500

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The Facel (which stands for Forges et Ateliers de Construction d’Eure-et-Loir) Vega isn’t a car everyone knows about, but it’s got presence like few other vintage cars. Really it looks like handsomer European ’57 Chevy Bel Air that’s grown up, leaned out and been blessed with a touch of Aston Martin in the hood. Plus, outfitted with the Chrysler TY7 Typhoon V8 engine, it was the fastest car of its time. If you’re fortunate enough to park one of these muscular French beauties in your garage, you should be outfitted appropriately. That means dressed up, but not overly so — just like the Facel Vega whose rubber you’re about to roast.


Belstaff Waistcoat


You’re driving a rare French classic; no puffy life jacket vest for you. On the other hand, a change in stitching and style in the form of fancy quilted vest can be equal parts sophistication and sport. Belstaff’s is about as good as they come, especially since their poly poplin is water resistant, and the light fiber fill delivers just the right amount of warmth for a cool evening drive.

Ami Paris Chino Trousers


These garment-dyed cotton Parisian chinos are just the right pants to wear while helming a big French classic. They’re cut slim and work just as well dressed up with a blazer as they do with a shirt and sweater combo.

Finisterre Bowmont Jumper


The Bowmont Jumper is an ideal driving sweater with its clean look at simple hem and cuffs. It’s knit with Bowmont wool, the British version of merino. Odor resistant and warm, it’s also thick with wide ribbing in the body and neck — perfect for cool weather driving and even for a stop at the local bistro for a break from the road.

Oak Street Bootmakers Black Dainite Trench Boot


Oak Street Bootmakers’s Dainite Trench Boot, made with black Horween Chromexcel leather and girded up by a a Goodyear Welt and Dainite soles, is a perfect wear for long lasting comfort and resilience. Looking for timelessness? This style of boot was introduced well before the Facel Vega, dating all the way back to 1894.

Montblanc Starwalker Metal and Rubber Fineliner


You can forget using disposable pens to jot down notes when you’re in your Vega. The StarWalker Metal and Rubber’s slender profile and beautiful checkered pattern looks like a luxury item, but only enough to incite envy rather than disdain. Just maybe don’t flaunt the price tag.

Coach Bleecker Portfolio in Bar Stripe Leather


Echo the stripes on your Vega’s leather seats with the Bleecker Portfolio. The butter-soft glove-tanned leather is topped off with hand-pieced strips, and it’ll hold everything from your tablet to research on your next vintage car buy.

Lotuff Leather Trunk Duffle Bag


Lotuff’s Leather Trunk Duffle is roomy, practical and absolutely beautiful. It’s built with a taller height to make room for just about everything you need for a long weekend away from urban insanity, and it’s one of the few things you’ll be able to lay across your car’s hood without worrying about scratching the paint.

Parabellum 6 Card Wallet Grey


Don’t dole out euros or dollars from that eelskin billfold you got from your grandma. Parabellum has something better in mind using stunning free-range bison that’s been handcut with hand-turned edges. Even with six card slots and plenty of room for bills, it’s still thin enough to prevent you from being lopsided in the driver’s seat.

The Stranger by Albert Camus


French existentialist and author Albert Camus tragically died in a Facel Vega HK500, so it’s only right for you to pay him homage by reading this story about death, murder and apathy. It isn’t exactly a pick-me-up, but that’s okay; it’s a great read, and Camus’s tragic end is a good reminder to always drive safely.