Whether you’re flying from Cleveland to Chicago in coach or Boston to Bangladesh in business, the reality of flying involves cramped quarters, mediocre wi-fi, and floppy tray tables. That doesn’t mean you can’t be productive. Here are three setups — tailored to regional, transcontinental and international flights — to maximize your jetset (or weekly airborn slog) efficiency.

Preface: We’ve made a few assumptions here. First, don’t consider this your how-to for a trip to Turks & Caicos or a honeymoon in the Maldives. These kits are centered around productivity, so we’ve tabled some of the style and panache quotient in exchange for utility — not that the two are mutually exclusive. There are plenty of other bags, headphones and laptops out there — you’ve probably already got a few of these items today. We’ve based these kits on a mix of our own experience — we spend fair share of our time aloft — with a goal of spanning platforms and price ranges.

Consider blending the options. A pipeline engineer based out of Atlanta on a regular route to the U.A.E. for contract work will have different needs than an Art Director in New York heading to SF on a month-long design sprint. The same thing goes for a chef, project manager, journalist, photographer or an athlete — say, one flying from Miami back to Cleveland. Their needs are all different, and these should be a blueprint. Tailor yours accordingly.

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