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Rest Better with ComforPedic iQ

Design By Photo by Simmons

Introducing ComforPedic iQ™, the world’s first and only mattress to combine Ultra Cool™ Memory Foam with the revolutionary, patented Smart Response™ Technology. Sixteen internal chambers work together to naturally and continuously adapt to your body’s every position—all without motors or electronics. It knows. It reacts. It responds to your every move, while Ultra Cool™ Memory Foam promotes temperature regulation for a cool, comfortable sleep all night long. But most impressively, these innovations help you fall asleep faster, spend less time lying awake and experience increased REM sleep*. With such cutting edge technology, ComforPedic iQ™ is sure to take your sleep to the next level.

*These were the average results experienced by 20 participants as measured comparing their sleep quality on a ComforPedic iQ™ sleep system vs. their relatively new current mattress.