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Today in Gear: July 16, 2014

Rocket-Skates-Gear-Patrol Acton R Rocket Skates
It seems Acme’s patent on rocket skates has expired, because Acton has brought the concept to the modern age (not to mention the third dimension). But the Acton Rocket Skate’s hexagonal design is neither Jetsons nor Chuck Jones, and the same goes for its hardware: powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries, an onboard microprocessor facilitates communication between twin motors, which adjust speed according to the skater’s lean, akin to a Segway scooter. Just don’t go chasing any roadrunners. $199
Mott-Bow-Denim-Gear-Patrol Mott & Bow Jeans
Remember the days when your parents wouldn’t let you come to a formal family event in blue jeans? Now you can wear ’em to functions as fancy as the Goodwood Festival of Speed. In keeping with denim’s new standing as a serious wardrobe element, Mott & Bow are committed to what they deem “denim science”; their method of distressing jeans includes resin application, oven curation, scraping, spraying, pinning, tying, and soaking…they stop just short of spilling teriyaki sauce over it for you to get that real “lived in” look. $96
iBlazr-Flash-Gear-Patrol iblazr
Your phone’s built-in flash is crap. Utter crap. Here’s a worthy upgrade: the Kickstarter-funded iblazr, an integrated flash unit for your phone. It’ll bring your nocturnal selfies that much closer to professional quality. $50-70
Eau-Carafe-Gear-Patrol Black + Blum Eau Carafe & Charcoal Filters
Nothing invalidates an investment in presentable glassware like a chunky Brita filter. Black + Blum’s Eau Carafe takes after their popular Eau Good water bottle in shape and with the use of an active charcoal filter, with blown glass instead of commuter-ready BPA-free tritan. $70
Bellroy_Elements-Sleeve-Gear-Patrol Bellroy Elements Sleeve Wallet
Humidity and heat are hard on leather. Bellroy’s Elements Sleeve Wallet can withstand the heat of your rump and the oppression of a flash flood. And better still, it’s eco-friendly and slim. $70
Amphicruiser-Gear-Patrol 4×4 Amphicruiser
Regular readers know how much we appreciate both on- and off-road vehicles. Now comes an ungodly new obsession: off-off-roading. The 4×4 amphicruiser, manufactured by Dutch Amphibious Transport, brings a typically military beast galloping (or swimming) into the realm of adventurous sport. With a 4-liter Toyota engine and inflatable door seals, your travels — by land or by sea — will be safe and enjoyable. $180,000-$250,000
Sailing-Ambiance-Slider-Gear-Patrol-Slide-7 Photo Essay: Sailing with Team Alvimedica
We set sail with Team Alvimedica of the Volvo Ocean Race as they trained out of their home port of Newport, Rhode Island. Read this story
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