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Today in Gear: July 18, 2014

Dewalt-Storage-Gear-Patrol DeWalt Mobile Storage
Being handy doesn’t just require the right tools, it requires the right organization. DeWalt’s new Multi-Level Workshop, Mobile Tough Chest and Pro Organizer will help keep your everything from your screws to your power drill safe and organized. The larger Multi-Level Workshop and Tough Chest feature rugged plastic wheels — so there’s no need to carry all your tools to the next job, tough guy. $15+
Genie-Smart-Lock-Gear-Patrol Genie Smart Lock
You’re used to smartphones, smart watches, and Smart Cars. Now you can buy a smart lock. Despite our concern about potential hackers, the concept has a lot of potential. Genie’s Smart Lock connects with your phone via Bluetooth or wi-fi and can be locked and unlocked from anywhere in the world, which is perfect for the forgetful vacationer. You can also send digital keys to anyone who might need to get in while you’re away. And in case your iPhone runs out of battery, the smart lock also works with both a traditional key and a fob. $249
Spell-Stage-Gear-Patrol Spell Stage
Your smartphone and tablet are convenient. Charging them isn’t. Spell’s handsome wooden shelf, available in either American walnut or European oak, can hold a five-plug power strip and has an inside drawer that will store and charge your phones, MP3 players, tablets and other portable electronics. spell-online.com
Bottle-Bright-Gear-Patrol Clean Ethics Bottle Bright
Who has time to worry about scrubbing out those travel coffee mugs seconds after you finish your morning joe? Of course, in minutes they stain and and become impossible to clean. Fortunately, the folks at Bottle Bright designed a tablet using an all-natural formula to drop into your cup. Pop it in, let it fizz, and your mug’ll be shiny as new. $8+
JackKnife-Tee-Gear-Patrol Jack/Knife Awitan Popover
Jack/Knife’s new Awitan Popover is handmade from 100 percent cotton and stained wooden buttons and is the perfect intersection between dressed up and dressed down. $160
Romance-For-Men-Gear-Patrol Jack Icefloe Jackson’s Romance for Men
Written by Dean Lorey (writer/producer of Arrested Development) under the pseudonym Jack Icefloe Jackson, Romance for Men details the man’s epic journey as a fat, short, gross pig that every woman on earth can’t resist. A romance novel from the male’s perspective, Lorey’s book is a humorous take on the genre that satirizes the ludicrous sexual fantasies of your garden-variety “bro”. $9
Best-Bike-Computers-Gear-Patrol-Lead The 5 Best Bike Computers
Turn your bike into the ultimate machine for exercise, travel and competition with these five computers. Read the Story
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