This Week in Gear: July 19, 2014

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Beddit-Gear-Patrol Misfit Beddit Sleep System
Misfit’s new product uses the worlds’s thinnest sleep sensor to track sleep cycles and quality—and it doesn’t requiring you to wear anything. The paper-thin device rests unnoticeably under your sheets. Set it up once and then use Misfit’s app to check how you slept. Want to know your sleep stats? This is the thing to get. $150
House-33-tees-Gear-Patrol House 33 Tees
Revived. House Industries reintroduces their famed House 33 tees. Printed with sinewy, subversive scripts and scoundrels, but don’t get it twisted, these are cult classics. Packaged in limited edition hand-printed and numbered boxes, the tees come in men’s and women’s styles. $24+
Epaulet-Tennis-Shoe-Gear-Patrol Epaulet Tennis Shoes
Mostly white and Wimbledon ready. These glamorous tennis shoes–handmade in Portugal out of full-grain leather–resemble a 1970 classic. Expensive, yes; but they’re also nearly $200 cheaper than that pair of Common Projects you’ve been coveting. Not a fan of white? They come in two other colors. $225
DJ-Connect-Gear-Patrol DJ Connect
Griffin and Algoriddim have allied again. This time they’ve created the ultimate mobile DJ setup. Compatible with Mac and iOS devices, it features two separate stereo outputs, beat-mixing, volume control and allows you to pre-cue. Aspiring DJs, you’ve been told. $100
Acer-C720-Gear-Patrol The Acer C720
The first of its kind. Acer is launching the most powerful Chromebook. Souped up with a 1.7GHz Core i3 processor, 32GB of internal storage and the choice of either 2GB or 4GB of RAM. It still lacks a higher-resolution display—which is a bummer—but it gets 8.5 hours of battery life and the price is clutch. Available for pre-order. $350+ ()
Fotodiox-Crystal-Cameras-Gear-Patrol Fotodiox Crystal DSLR Camera Display Models
They can’t snap photos, but these cameras are pure crystal—literally 100% hand-crafted crystal. For photography lovers, these replicas make great paperweights, bookends and display pieces. They’re 2/3 as big as the real thing and available in two models: the Canon EOS 7D or the Nikon D90. $90
how-to-use-a-standup-desk-gear-patrol-lead-full Stand-Up Guy: 5 Best Standing Desks
Should we all be working at stand-up desks? A GP correspondent reports on his week spent afoot.
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Mercedes-Benz-S-65-Gear-Patrol Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG Coupe
If 577 hp in the S63 AMG Coupe just isn’t enough for you, then Mercedes has something more in store: the S65 AMG Coupe. The big two-door emits 621 hp and 738 lb-ft from its hulking 6-liter twin-turbo V12 engine. 60 arrives in an astonishing four seconds. Add 20″ wheels, V12 badging and one of the nicest interiors in the industry, and you should be more than satisfied.
Travelteq-iPhone-Case-Gear-Patrol Travelteq iPhone Case
We’re firm believers in the mantra “less is more“; in our view, the same goes for a night out on the town. Travelteq’s new minimalist iPhone 5 case will not only keep your smartphone looking smart — it’ll safely hold any important cards. With no need for a wallet, maintaining your hindered balance on a barstool will be much easier. $108
Priority-Bicylces-Gear-Patrol Priority Bicylces
Finding an affordable, good-looking, and simple commuter bike that doesn’t make you look like a pompous Brooklynite (you know the type) can be a tall order. However, Priority Bicycles’ Concept is made from aluminum and uses a belt instead of a chain, making for a bike that requires less maintenance than your garden-variety fixie. The bike also features three-speed gearing, so you’ll be less likely to strain yourself on inclines. Oh, and it only costs $399 ($349 for Kickstarter backers), drastically undercutting the price of other commuter bikes. $399
Flare-Cooking-Pans-Gear-Patrol Flare Cooking Pans
You shouldn’t have to wait forever for that bacon to finish cooking — the makers of Flare realize this, which is why they teamed up with scientist Dr. Tom Povey from Oxford University to create their new line of cookware. The pots and pans incorporate fins to channel heat along the outside of the cookware. This distributes the heat of the flame evenly and helps cut down on cooking time. ~$85
Club-Monaco-X-Dom-Vetro-Arpetto-Gear-Patrol Club Monaco X Dom Vetro Arpetto
Italian eyewear maker Dom Vetro partnered with Club Monaco’s Aaron Levine to create a pair of retro-designed sunglasses. Inspired by the vision of gunning a ’68 Charger through America, and handmade in the Italian Alps, the Arpetto is perfect for living out your Vanishing Point or Bullitt fantasies (but don’t, really). Muscle car sold separately. $295
Westland-Whiskey-Gear-Patrol Westland Distillery American Single Malt
Washington state may not be what you picture when you think “great American whiskey“, but Westland Distillery’s new single malt is certainly worthy of any whiskey fan’s liquor cabinet. The spirit is based on a pale malt grown in Washington, with other specialty malts added. The result is a whiskey with notes of chocolate, nuts, cookies, mocha, pastries, caramel and raisins. $43
Goodwood-Anatomy-Gear-Patrol-Ambiance Anatomy of the Goodwood Hillclimb
The annual Festival of Speed in West Sussex, England centers around a storied Hillclimb, which winds 1.16 miles through event founder Lord March’s private estate and rises 300 feet. Drivers piloting any type of car — new or old, from sports cars to supercars, from deft Formula 1 racers to Nascar stock car growlers —- rip through the narrow course in under a minute. Read the Story
Rocket-Skates-Gear-Patrol Acton R Rocket Skates
It seems Acme’s patent on rocket skates has expired, because Acton has brought the concept to the modern age (not to mention the third dimension). But the Acton Rocket Skate’s hexagonal design is neither Jetsons nor Chuck Jones, and the same goes for its hardware: powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries, an onboard microprocessor facilitates communication between twin motors, which adjust speed according to the skater’s lean, akin to a Segway scooter. Just don’t go chasing any roadrunners. $199
Mott-Bow-Denim-Gear-Patrol Mott & Bow Jeans
Remember the days when your parents wouldn’t let you come to a formal family event in blue jeans? Now you can wear ’em to functions as fancy as the Goodwood Festival of Speed. In keeping with denim’s new standing as a serious wardrobe element, Mott & Bow are committed to what they deem “denim science”; their method of distressing jeans includes resin application, oven curation, scraping, spraying, pinning, tying, and soaking…they stop just short of spilling teriyaki sauce over it for you to get that real “lived in” look. $96
iBlazr-Flash-Gear-Patrol iblazr
Your phone’s built-in flash is crap. Utter crap. Here’s a worthy upgrade: the Kickstarter-funded iblazr, an integrated flash unit for your phone. It’ll bring your nocturnal selfies that much closer to professional quality. $50-70
Eau-Carafe-Gear-Patrol Black + Blum Eau Carafe & Charcoal Filters
Nothing invalidates an investment in presentable glassware like a chunky Brita filter. Black + Blum’s Eau Carafe takes after their popular Eau Good water bottle in shape and with the use of an active charcoal filter, with blown glass instead of commuter-ready BPA-free tritan. $70
Bellroy_Elements-Sleeve-Gear-Patrol Bellroy Elements Sleeve Wallet
Humidity and heat are hard on leather. Bellroy’s Elements Sleeve Wallet can withstand the heat of your rump and the oppression of a flash flood. And better still, it’s eco-friendly and slim. $70
Amphicruiser-Gear-Patrol 4×4 Amphicruiser
Regular readers know how much we appreciate both on- and off-road vehicles. Now comes an ungodly new obsession: off-off-roading. The 4×4 amphicruiser, manufactured by Dutch Amphibious Transport, brings a typically military beast galloping (or swimming) into the realm of adventurous sport. With a 4-liter Toyota engine and inflatable door seals, your travels — by land or by sea — will be safe and enjoyable. $180,000-$250,000
Sailing-Ambiance-Slider-Gear-Patrol-Slide-7 Photo Essay: Sailing with Team Alvimedica
We set sail with Team Alvimedica of the Volvo Ocean Race as they trained out of their home port of Newport, Rhode Island. Read this story
Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Roadster Gear Patrol 2015 V12 Vantage S Roadster
When the new Aston Martin is released later this year, it’ll become Britain’s most potent, fastest and fastest-accelerating series production roadster ever. The open-topped sports car, decked out with the latest 565 bhp Aston Martin AM28 6.0-litre V12 engine, reaches 60mph in 3.9 seconds and tops out at 201mph. Capable of even taking 007’s breath away.
Nike Golf 360 Degrees App Gear Patrol Nike Golf 360º App
It won’t antiquate the traditional lesson, but Nike Golf’s free app provides the motivation and tools you’ll need to improve. You can link to more than 30,000 courses over the world, score your rounds, compare stats, capture and analysis swings and more. Just don’t spend the whole round on your phone. It’ll slow you down, aggravate the trailing foursome and they’ll hit into you. Believe it.
crane and canopy linden black and white collection gear patrol Crane & Canopy’s Linden Black & White Collection
White bedding isn’t feminine, and this new line emphasizes that fact. Emboldened with a dark border, this affordable collection was inspired by luxury hotels and adds elegance to an otherwise masculine sleep setup. Woven from 400-thread-count and 100% cotton sateen, individual items from the collection can be bought separately. ~$40+
HRE RS1 Wheels Gear Patrol HRE Wheels’ new RSI series
Sports cars have fresh shoes to slip on. HRE’s unique new series has six styles that feature sculpted spoke geometry, lightweight pocket machining and a floating-spoke design. Available in a range of diameters (18”-22”), widths (7”-14”) and finishes, all wheels reflect HRE’s highest standards. Basically, they’ll make your cool car cooler.
Nixeus Moda Mechanical Keyboard Gear Patrol Nixeus MODA Mechanical Keyboard
Before a common keyboard dies — or has to be put down — it endures 5 million key strokes. The new keyboard from Nixeus has 10 times that lifespan. It helps minimize typing fatigue and improve typing speed by allowing you to press each key more gently. It’s also got that fantastic mechanical ‘click clack’ that’s missing in most modern keyboards. Ideal for power typists; for a facebook-browsing library dweller, maybe not so much. $80
Bluelonge Kickflip Gear Patrol BlueLounge’s Kickflip
The Kickflip sticks to the bottom of your laptop using a high-tech German engineered adhesive. It’s strong, yet easily removed or repositioned. The simple hinge flips up and improves typing posture. At less than $20, it’s an easy improvement that won’t financially cripple you. $20
Joey Roth Sorapot Gear Patrol Joey Roth Sorapot 2
Passible as an abstract fish bowl, the Sorapot 2 is a modern teapot made of stainless steel and glass. Four years in the making, it’s designed to brew loose-leaf teas. To the average tea drinker, it’s just another dish to clean. But for the tea purist, this is Kate Upton doing the cat daddy (Google it). $285
best-electric-guitar-gear-patrol-lead-full The Complete Guide to Buying an Electric Guitar
You’ve decided to pick up an axe and learn to shred like one of the pros. While mastering the guitar is no easy feat itself, before you even start jamming you’ll probably find yourself looking through site after site trying to find the right instrument. It’s hard. There’s an expansive list of components to be… Read this story
Dewalt-Storage-Gear-Patrol DeWalt Mobile Storage
Being handy doesn’t just require the right tools, it requires the right organization. DeWalt’s new Multi-Level Workshop, Mobile Tough Chest and Pro Organizer will help keep your everything from your screws to your power drill safe and organized. The larger Multi-Level Workshop and Tough Chest feature rugged plastic wheels — so there’s no need to carry all your tools to the next job, tough guy. $15+
Genie-Smart-Lock-Gear-Patrol Genie Smart Lock
You’re used to smartphones, smart watches, and Smart Cars. Now you can buy a smart lock. Despite our concern about potential hackers, the concept has a lot of potential. Genie’s Smart Lock connects with your phone via Bluetooth or wi-fi and can be locked and unlocked from anywhere in the world, which is perfect for the forgetful vacationer. You can also send digital keys to anyone who might need to get in while you’re away. And in case your iPhone runs out of battery, the smart lock also works with both a traditional key and a fob. $249
Spell-Stage-Gear-Patrol Spell Stage
Your smartphone and tablet are convenient. Charging them isn’t. Spell’s handsome wooden shelf, available in either American walnut or European oak, can hold a five-plug power strip and has an inside drawer that will store and charge your phones, MP3 players, tablets and other portable electronics.
Bottle-Bright-Gear-Patrol Clean Ethics Bottle Bright
Who has time to worry about scrubbing out those travel coffee mugs seconds after you finish your morning joe? Of course, in minutes they stain and and become impossible to clean. Fortunately, the folks at Bottle Bright designed a tablet using an all-natural formula to drop into your cup. Pop it in, let it fizz, and your mug’ll be shiny as new. $8+
JackKnife-Tee-Gear-Patrol Jack/Knife Awitan Popover
Jack/Knife’s new Awitan Popover is handmade from 100 percent cotton and stained wooden buttons and is the perfect intersection between dressed up and dressed down. $160
Romance-For-Men-Gear-Patrol Jack Icefloe Jackson’s Romance for Men
Written by Dean Lorey (writer/producer of Arrested Development) under the pseudonym Jack Icefloe Jackson, Romance for Men details the man’s epic journey as a fat, short, gross pig that every woman on earth can’t resist. A romance novel from the male’s perspective, Lorey’s book is a humorous take on the genre that satirizes the ludicrous sexual fantasies of your garden-variety “bro”. $9
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