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In Case You Missed It: July 13 – 20

S65-AMG-COUPE-GEAR-PATROL-LEAD Coupe de Grace: Driving the Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG 4Matic Coupe
The brand new Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG 4Matic Coupe answers the world’s plea for an enormously luxurious grand tourer. We tested its 577 horsepower on the twisty roads of Tuscany. See the Car
Alvimedica-Sailing-Gear-Patrol-LEAD Photo Essay: Sailing with Team Alvimedica of the Volvo Ocean Race
Unlike the America’s Cup, which is all about speed over a short distance, the Volvo Ocean Race is a challenge of endurance. In this year’s running of the race, starting in October in Alicante, Spain, crews of eight sailors will race around the globe in stages lasting up to four weeks at a time, stopping in various ports such as Capetown, Auckland and Newport along the way. We set sail with Team Alvimedica as they trained out of their home port of Newport, Rhode Island. See the Race
best-electric-guitar-gear-patrol-lead The Complete Guide to Buying an Electric Guitar
While mastering the guitar is no easy feat, before you even start jamming you’ll probably find yourself looking through site after site trying to find the right instrument. It’s hard. There’s an expansive list of components to be taken into account: body styles, wood types, pickups, bridges, necks — and that’s just scratching at the surface.

Truth is, you don’t need to concern yourself with every element of the electric guitar. You just need a briefing on body styles and pickups, arguably the two most important pieces of a guitar’s build. More importantly, asking yourself a couple simple questions about what you’re after will help you make your decision. We’ve got all that right here, plus a few great axes that should at least serve as starting points on your search. See the Guitars

achieve-mindfulness-gear-patrol-lead Can a Man Achieve Mindfulness at a Roving Yoga Festival?
Ever wonder what happens at a yoga festival? GP dispatched a correspondent — and true yoga novice — on a four-day trip to find out. Man does Yoga
jordan-rapp-gear-patrol-lead Jordan Rapp: Another Day at the Office
Pro triathlete Jordan Rapp is a poster boy for endurance — and not just because he’s won five Ironmans, two Leadman Epic 250s and the 2011 ITU Long Distance World Championships. The more remarkable feat is that all but two of those victories came following a near-fatal hit-and-run accident. Watch the Video
best-chefs-knives-gear-patrol-lead Prime Cut: 6 Best Chef’s Knives
Planning to do battle…with a pork loin? Arm yourself with a top-shelf chef’s knife. These six are among the best available at a variety of price ranges. See the Knives
New-American-Supper-Club-Gear-Patrol-LEAD Inside the New American Supper Club
Underground supper clubs, where strangers eat home-cooked meals made by professional chefs, are spreading throughout America. Gear Patrol sat down at one in Brooklyn, New York to see firsthand where the trend’s headed. See the Dinner
best-everyman-absinthe-gear-patrol-lead American Absinthe: A Misunderstood Spirit Arrives Stateside
After years of global vilification and false stigma, absinthe is making a comeback. We tasted six new American versions. See the Absinthes