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The 50 Best Festivals in America eBook



Americans: we’re a people who enjoy a good gathering. It’s right there in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution: the right of the people to peaceably assemble, adopted on December 15, 1791 — and darn it, we’ve been doing it something serious since then.

Back in May we brought you our colossal survey of the The 50 Best Festivals in America, a guide to this country’s greatest — from a small-town California celebration of the local garlic crop, to a skull-rattling military air show. A handbook to rollicking good times.

Today we’re happy reintroduce you to our guide in the form of a handy, downloadable eBook (PDF). We’ve revised and revamped our guide with even more photography, insight and trivia than before. It’s a ready-to-go handbook to the greatest gatherings of music, food and culture in the home of the brave for your iOS, Android or Kindle device — never out of reach the next time the road comes calling. Oh, and it’s free.

So download it, mark your calendars and fill up your gas tanks. Here’s to a killer Festival season.

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