Drive French, look French, eat cheese

Kit: Citroën DS

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You don't need to be fast, when you're this cool

The Citroën DS automatically imputes coolness of a high order in a way a vintage Ferrari can’t. You’re somehow instantly scholarly, erudite and a wildman in the bedroom. Why is that? Well, the DS is coveted in the same way the first edition of a classic novel is. Its arrival signified a new era for French automobiles, both in its sleek, modern design and revolutionary powertrain. If you happen to get your hands on a DS in great condition, consider it a prize worth keeping. And if you make it your daily driver, you’ll want to match the car’s ethos by keeping yourself stylish, scholarly and timeless. Gear Patrol curates the best gear for your hours of pleasure in (and out) of the celebrated French phenom.

A.P.C. Army Trench Coat


Atelier de Production et de Creation knows how to do French style right. Their Army Trench Coat is an excellent three-season coat made with rich 100% cotton gabardine and outfitted with practical touches like comfortable raglan sleeves, raglan pockets and an unobstructive but still warm three-quarter length. It’s not overly flashy or modern. It’s the perfect fit for you and for your Citroën.

Gucci Sky Blue Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater


You don’t have to be a French mime to wear a turtleneck, you know. Gucci’s sky blue cashmere turtleneck is a luxurious but classic way to express your European sensibilities. The slim cut doesn’t make you look like you just ate a tray full of croissants, and the 100% cashmere will keep you warm when the temperature on country roads drops.

Saint Laurent Classic Skinny Wool Gabardine Trouser


When you’re driving a Citroën, you’re gonna want to wear something more sophisticated than blue jeans. Saint Laurent’s slim cut wool trousers should do nicely. They’re classic in material and slightly more modern in cut with a low waist and a flat front. You’ll look good driving, as well as dining at a fine French roadside restaurant.

CADOT Scarf College


The CADOT brand comes from a small outfit in Paris, and what better way to go French motoring than with an authentic French scarf? The Scarf College is made near the town of Lyon, with 100% certified organic cotton Altertex that’s woven and dyed right in the workshop. And just to change things up a bit, each side has a unique color and pattern to suit your mood.

Fratelli Orsini Handsewn Deerskin Driving Gloves


What better way to grab the DS’s quirky single-spoke steering wheel than with a pair of true driving gloves? You’re not out to break any lap records, but can still look the part. Fratelli Orsini’s Handsewn Deerskin versions are some of the finest around, made with soft North American deerskin and cut to fit closely without choking your fingers. Pick one of four colors, and you might even match your DS’s paint, if you’re lucky.

Laulhere Wool Beret Deluxe


Just like the DS, a legitimate French beret is not only stylish in an old world sort of way but deceptively practical. Laulhere is the last true French beret maker, so if you’re going to go balls out and wear a beret, it might as well be the genuine article. Their Deluxe version is made with super-soft wool that keeps your head comfy and sheltered, and it’s lined with a leather sweatband to keep perspiration out of your eyes when you’re driving. We recommend you wear it straight on when you drive your DS.

Warby Parker Jasper Sunglasses


Adding a touch of gray to your round sunglasses is just the right level of quirk to match your DS. This pair, with its retro style, looks like it comes straight from the Citroën’s heyday. Circular gray acetate frames and a classic keyhole bridge pair well together, like the rounded headlights and tall greenhouse of the DS.

Lanvin Double Monk Strap Shoes


When it comes to monk strap shoes, single-buckle is out; but two are that much more in style. But it still takes a man of daring style to pull them off properly. Lanvin’s Double Monk Strap shoes come in beautiful charcoal gray and have a bit more thickness in the profile, so they can look just as good with casual fare as they do with something on the dressier side.

Artisinal Cheese Ossau Iraty Pardou Arriou


A man with a DS is a man with excellent taste; it’s a car that satisfies both the automotive cognoscenti and worshippers of classic design. Excellent taste in cars can also extend to the palate. For such a man of taste, no cheese is a better match than the Ossau Iraty Pardou Arriou. Made in the French Pyrénées from sheep’s milk, its taste is light and creamy with a touch of roasted hazelnut fragrance. Mmm. Now wake up and get back behind the wheel.

Couteau Laguiole Knife with Ebony Wood


The DS gives us a great excuse to break out the traditional French Laguiole knife. It’s just as good for whittling back wire insulation as it is for cutting cheese (preferably not back-to-back) — a timeless blade for the timeless gentleman. Made in Laguiole, France, the Coteau with Ebony Wood is dark and beautiful, capped off by solid brass bolsters and plates. The long, thin blade is versatile and rapier sharp, just like your taste in vintage cars.