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Today in Gear: July 21, 2014

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Quirky Refuel Smart Propane Tank Gauge
Ah, the sad sight of an empty propane tank rusting beneath a grill: a squandered summer. Uncertainty over when to replace a tank is an unparalleled barbeque deterrent. The Quirky Refuel propane gauge is a device that allows you to keep tabs on the level of propane in your tank, ensuring that you don’t let another summer go to waste. $50
GoTenna-Gear-Patrol goTenna
Going off the grid isn’t for everyone. (We’re talking wilderness retreat-level incommunicado.) And it’s a shame; everyone should enjoy the benefits of unplugging. For your friends who haven’t warmed up to the idea of a weekend in the wilderness, we recommend the goTenna, a handy device that allows communication between goTenna owners even if they’re miles away from a cell phone tower. $150
Phantom-V2511-Gear-Patrol Phantom V2511 Digital Camera
Hold your hand out in front of your face, and move it slowly. You can see every detail as it moves; now move it as quickly as you can, and watch the motion blur. The human eye can only capture so much motion; on the other hand, the Phantom V2511 video camera, the latest in Phantom’s top-tier V-series, can capture movement at 677,000 to a million frames per second. (This demonstration video says all that needs to be said.) visionresearch.com
Suunto-Ambit3-Gear-Patrol Suunto Ambit3
Smartwatches are great — but you wouldn’t take them on a jog. The Suunto Ambit3 is a smart sports watch; in addition to typical smartwatch functions — smartphone synchronization, call and text notifications, and so on — it features a GPS, heart rate monitor, and unique functions for different forms of exercise. Suunto also designed an exercise app that merges seamlessly with these functions, which will finally give you an excuse to ditch that freebie jogging app. suunto.com ()
Nike-Lunar-Trainer-Gear-Patrol Nike Lunar Trainer 1
The evolution of minimalist running shoes continues with Nike’s Lunar Trainer, a lightweight (but sturdy) running shoe. This shoe is one of many to feature an insole made of Nike’s special “Lunarlon” material (since Nike’s website doesn’t offer a thorough explanation of what that is, we can only assume it’s Flubber). It’s 30 percent lighter than common phylon foam, making it a worthy step forward for minimalist shoes. $110
Infinity-Pillow-Gear-Patrol Huzi Infinity Pillow
Travel neck pillows are a waste. You buy them in a moment of uncertainty at the airport gate and use it only once; then it gets lost somewhere in your garage and caked in dust. Huzi’s Infinity Pillow makes neck pillows obsolete. Its continuous design is inspired by the Möbius strip, and its applications are similarly infinite — or at least greater than those of an ugly neck pillow. $49
best-chefs-knives-gear-patrol-lead-full Prime Cut: 6 Best Chef’s Kives
Planning to do battle…with a pork loin? Arm yourself with a top-shelf chef’s knife. These six are among the best available at a variety of price ranges. Read this story