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Today in Gear: July 22, 2014

Jordan-Re2pect-Derek-Jeter-Shirt-Gear-Patrol Derek Jeter Jordan RE2PECT Collection
Win or lose, this is the Yankee Captain’s last year in pinstripes. To honor the shortstop, Jordan Brand has launched their RE2PECT collection featuring three t-shirts and a cap. It’s a little odd seeing the Yankee “2” next to a basketball logo, but that just makes the collection rarer. The shirts come in white, red and grey. $35
Samsung-Level-Headphones-Gear-Patrol Samsung Level Headphones
Three exclusive headphones—On-Ear, Over-Ear and In-Ear—will be featured on Gilt for a limited time only. All three come in black in white. The On-Ear headphones — with 40mm Dual Diaphragm speaker, active noise cancellation and S Voice technology — and the Over-Ear headphones — with high definition 50mm drivers, Active Noise Cancellation, Smart Touch button-free control — are ideal for music lovers; one just requires deep pockets. If you like ’em, buy ’em; they’re going fast. $189+
Trusco-Cantilever-2-Level-Toolbox Trusco 2-Level Cantilever Tool Box 
Obviously, this tool box is blue. Its Japanese design, steel body, smooth DeLoreanesque hinges and 10 moveable upper level dividers make this a pretty awesome display piece…if you already have a place to store your tools. $84
Ware-of-the-Dog-Handmade-Dog-Bowl-Gear-Patrol Ware of the Dog Handmade Dog Bowls
Get these to upgrade your dog bowl game. Handmade in Brooklyn out of stoneware, they come in three different sizes and colors: aqua, coral and emerald green. All have a matte gray outside, a high-gloss interior finish, and are dishwasher safe. $50 ()
Miir-Tall-Boy-Pint-Cups-Gear-Patrol Miir Tall Boy Pint Cups
With these tall boys, its simple: unless you loose it, you’ll have it for life. It’s BPA-free, dishwasher safe and made from 18/8 medical-grade stainless steel. Also, they support a good cause. With each tall boy pint cup purchase, a year’s worth of clean drinking water will be provided for a person in need. $12 ()
Jim-Beam-Signatre-Craft-Harvest-Collection-Gear-Patrol Jim Beam Signature Craft Harvest Collection
This is a rarity. Jim Beam practically never does anything on a small scale; but their Signature Craft 12-Year is the outlier. This “small batch bourbon”, crafted from the company’s master distillers, carries notes of caramel, deep vanilla and oak. At 43% ABV, it carries bold flavors, but won’t knock you to the ground. $40
M3-M4-Test-Gear-Patrol-LEAD Masters of the House: Driving the BMW M3 and M4
The slightly slick track at Wisconsin’s Road America has me wondering just how little effort it would take to spin the 425 hp German monster I’m driving. The truth is that the M4 I’m helming isn’t working nearly as hard as it can with its 425 hp, and more importantly, its 406 lb-ft of torque and shaved corpulence. 174 pounds. That’s the equivalent weight of two average male German Shepherds drooling on your fine leather sport seats and the same amount of poundage the new two-door M4 has dropped over the M3 Coupe it replaces. But the all-new BMW M3 and M4 are so much more than more power and less fat. Read this story
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