Today in Gear: July 24, 2014

Ziess-Digital-Lenses-Gear-Patrol ZEISS Digital Lenses
Your eyes are mostly muscle, and routine smartphone-checking is giving them a tough workout. So much so, in fact, that digital eye strain has now come to afflict roughly 70 percent of the U.S. population. Similar to bifocals, Zeiss’s new “digital lenses” (named so for their purpose) are made of two zones: one on the bottom of the lens for up-close viewing, and one for far sight, which makes up the rest of the lens. This allows your eyes to transition smoothly from your phone to the world around you. zeiss.com
Blue-Mikey-Gear-Patrol Blue Mics Mikey Blue
Blue Mics is a favorite brand among podcasters and aspiring voiceover artists for their beloved Snowball, one of the most highly recommended USB microphones around. With the Mikey Blue, Blue Mics spreads the love to on-the-go musicians and journalists alike. Thankfully, they didn’t ditch features in favor of mobility: the twin-condenser mic features A/D conversion, pre-amp, adjustable gain settings, and line input for electric instruments. bluemic.com
Michelangelo-Complete-Works-Gear-Patrol Michelangelo: Complete Works
Don’t let our appreciation for big-ass TVs give you the wrong impression: we find highbrow art and high-def TV equally rewarding. Michelangelo: Complete Works (Taschen)is a comprehensive single-volume collection of the master artist’s work. The volume itself is handsome and modern, with a slipcase that folds into a display stand. $70
Cafe-Racers-Gear-Patrol Cafe Racers: Speed, Style, and Ton-Up Culture
Alternatively, if bikes are more your thing, Michael Lichter and Paul d’Orleans’ Cafe Racers: Speed, Style, and Ton-Up Culture (Motorbooks) is a worthy substitute. Chronicling café racers from their ’60s heyday to contemporary times, this is probably the most badass coffee table book you could possibly hope to own. $36
OD-11-Gear-Patrol OD-11 Cloud Speaker
Generally only the most hardcore audiophiles take acoustics into account when house- or apartment-hunting; most people only learn of their space’s speaker-readiness during that first housewarming party, and sometimes it can be a rude awakening. The OD-11 Cloud Speaker, designed by Teenage Engineering in collaboration with the Stig Carlsson foundation, is an ortho-directional speaker designed specifically for the common living room. It projects sound skyward at 100W so that it echoes off the ceiling and fills a space evenly. It sounds great, and it looks as sleek as you would expect from something sold by the MoMA Store. $900
Pep-Boys-Gear-Patrol Pep Boys Auto Brand Tee Shirts
Here’s a new addition for your vintage tee shirt collection: Pep Boys’ new line of automotive brand tees. The shirts feature a number of classic logos, with some modernized variations (“Ford Mustang like a BOSS”), in that standard semi-faded style that even non-vintage tees all seem to have these days. pepboys.com
Decrypted: Making Social Media Work…For Work
Whether you’re on the hunt for a new career, thinking about striking out on your own, or simply polishing up your online resume, it’s vital to understand which social networks matter in the world of employment. It’s to your benefit to understand how networking happens in an interconnected world, where your next job is apt to come from, and how you should position yourself across a litany of different networks. Here are tips from an expert on how to use them to your benefit. Read This Story
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