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Today in Gear: July 29, 2014

Orvis-Bison-Boots-Gear-Patrol Wolverine Bison Leather 1,000 Mile Boots
Wolverine is known for sturdiness. So is their 1,000 Mile Boot, a burly walking boot that’s been upgraded with full-grain American bison leather, a stacked leather outsole, and Goodyear welt construction to commemorate the centenary of its introduction to the market. Its name comes from Wolverine’s original claim that the boot would be good for 1,000 miles of walking; so they’re your best bet if you’re planning to walk 500 miles, and walk 500 more. $400
Zoku-Iced-Coffee-Maker-Gear-Patrol Zoku Iced Coffee Maker
Frankly, coffee is a complex hobby to pursue. Not everyone wants to become an accredited java jockey just so he or she can enjoy a nice cold brew on the fly. Zoku’s iced coffee maker is a simple solution, and perfect for the sweatier months of the year; it’s as easy to use as your trusty drip, and comes with an insulated mug. $30
Arcade-Belts-Gear-Patrol Arcade Belts
Arcade have somehow managed to transform dorky elastic belts (think back to kindergarten) into something charming and lively. Their choice of materials plays a major part: their Captain-Hybrid series, for instance, uses full-grain leather, not the cheap pleather that inevitably gets cracked and caked with playground dirt. And whether colorful or sober, the straps themselves are always worthy of adult tastes. arcadebelts.com
Corsair-Red-Gear-Patrol Corsair Distillery Red Absinthe
Nashville’s Corsair Distillery’s new take on absinthe does away with the typical “green fairy” look. It’s a classic blanche with a Tennessee twist: citrus, tarragon, and red hibiscus. Don’t be doubtful — this brew won gold medals in both the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and the World Beverage Competition. corsairartisan.com
EarPiece-Gear-Patrol EarPeace Ear Plugs
Music festival season, also known as tinnitus season, rolls on. You may feel like a fogey for bringing earplugs to a show, but better to be a fogey who can hear than half deaf in the prime of youth. EarPeace’s premium earplugs protect your hearing without sacrificing the details of your experience; rather than muffling the sound, it simply turns it down a couple notches. $13
Strike-Cam-Gear-Patrol Strike Cam Fishing Camera
Ah, the one that got away. The catch that could have been — the one that will forever live on in your memory and no one else’s. That is, unless you have the Strike Cam, a waterproof video camera that attaches to your line and records every minute of your fishing experience, from the lure’s point of view. The one that got away will no longer be a mystery. strike-cam.com
porsche-macan-gear-patrol-slide-16 An Achtung Baby: Quick Spin in the 2015 Porsche Macan
Gear Patrol gets in the cockpit of the brand new Porsche Macan and puts the tiger through the paces. Read This Story
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