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Today in Gear: July 30, 2014

Indian-Roadmaster-Gear-Patrol 2015 Indian Roadmaster
Bikers not ready to surrender heated seats, keyless ignition and remote trunk access, need look no further than the Indian Roadmaster. The new flagship tourer from America’s oldest motorcycle brand boasts luxury features in droves: heated grips, adjustable floorboards, three accessory ports, navigation and Bluetooth connectivity, just to name a few. Powered by the Thunder Stroke 111, 49-degree, V-Twin engine mated to a 6-speed transmission and accented by Indian’s trademark swooping fenders, the Roadmaster looks like it should give Milwaukee’s finest a good run for their money. $26,999
Mac-Pro-Go-Case-Gear-Patrol Mac Pro Go Case
Apple’s super advanced computer now has something to safely travel in. The 1.6-pound Go Case’s plush interior and rugged ballistic nylon exterior deliver complete protection, plus a front keyboard pouch, a suspension shoulder strap and a disc pouch for any accessories. $129
Source-Outdoor-Universal-Tube-Adapter-Gear-Patrol UTA – Universal Tube Adapter
This pocket-sized UTA made from anti-bacterial TPE polypropylene allows you to reload your hydration reservoir from a tap or water bottle without removing it from its sheath. Simply link up and turn the tap on; the adapter will expand when your tank if full. $21 ()
Grovemade-Steel-iPhone-Dock-Gear-Patrol Grovemade Limited Edition Dock
Your desk is your home, and if you’ve honed your desk’s aesthetic to a tee, a plasticky-looking phone charger is the last thing you want lying on top of it. This metal iPhone dock from Grovemade, who are known for their wood and leather accessories, features a solid steel or brass base, topped with a matte black cap that should match your phone and your desk. $119
Hasselblad-CFV-50c-Gear-Patrol HasselBlad CFV-50c
For those rooted in Hasselblad’s V-System medium format cameras, here’s a new toy to salivate over. Equipped with a state-of-the-art 50MP medium format sensor, the new CFV-50c takes outstanding photographs in all ISO settings. The back pairs compact flash storage and a classic design and will work with every Hasselblad V-system body since 1957. The innovative back has a laundry list of other features, including a new larger LCD screen, a remote control option and compatibility with PM90 and PME90 90º viewfinders. hasselbladusa.com
Mission-Bicycles-Lumen-Bike-Deposit-Gear-Patrol Mission Bicycles Lumen Bike Deposit
Designed and built in the City by the Bay, this 100 percent retro-reflective custom city bike was inspired by the city itself. Mission’s design staff works with buyers to choose frame size, gear and handlebar options, security features and more. Don’t worry about adding extra reflectors. $500
TDF-Bikes-Gear-Patrol-Lead Pro Road Bikes of the Tour de France
The best in bikes trickles down from what professionals use on race day. These are the team bikes being used by pros in this year’s Tour de France — and you can get them right now. Read story here
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