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Today in Gear: July 31, 2014

Drobo-Mini-Gear-Patrol Drobo Mini
If our college years are any indication, a hard drive crash will result in reduced productivity and sanity. This goes double for filmmakers, photographers and other professionals who need to store and access massive amounts of data while out in the field. That’s why Connected Data’s new Drobo Mini data storage system is available with up to four Solid State Disk (SSD) hard drives. Even if you’re unfortunate enough to suffer a drive failure, the Drobo Mini can automatically repair itself, providing full access to data. $449+
Georg-Console-Table-Stool-Gear-Patrol Design Within Reach Georg Console Table and Stool
Anyone who’s suffered through apartment hunting in NYC (or any big city for that matter) knows that space comes at a premium. However, your cramped studio apartment doesn’t have to be devoid of a designated workspace. The new Georg Console table from Design Within Reach is only 13 inches deep and 29 inches wide and will rest up against any wall. It is made from raw Oak; the natural beauty of its wood grain is susceptible to stains, so be careful not to spill your glass of writing whiskey. $299+
Model-2-Horween-Gear-Patrol Worn & Wound Model 2 Watch Strap
If you’re an avid vintage watch hunter, you’ll find that your newly acquired timepieces are often packaged with an improper strap or no strap at all. Fortunately, the watch nerds over at Worn & Wound have just released their new Model 2 line of straps that will look good with just about any timepiece. The straps are made from unlined Horween and have raw edges, which will result in a nice patina finish unique to your wrist. $59
Sanborn-Mackinac-Gear-Patrol Sanborn Mackinac Canoe Paddle
Made from a combination of walnut, aspen, and western red cedar, the Sanborn Mackinac is a nod back to the days of handmade canoes and men in fur hats. While the Mackinac will do for your next canoeing adventure, it’s handsome enough to adorn your cabin wall, making it the ultimate Land’s End photo shoot location. $165
Chadhaus-Loft-Bed-Gear-Patrol Chadhaus Loft Bed
While it may seem like something more suited for your college dorm, a platform bed with integrated storage is a great way to clean up your living space. Chadhaus’s new loft bed features a storage cubby on each side, along with four sliding drawers, but it retains a handsome, modern style. The bed is hand built and is available in a variety of different woods and can be easily assembled in less than thirty minutes. The same sure can’t be said from your Ikea living room set. $5,200
UNIS-Harrison-Gear-Patrol Unis Harrison Shorts
Comfort doesn’t have to be sacrificed for style, so when the weather is hot a decent pair of shorts is in order. Unis’s new Harrison shorts are made from lightweight cotton and feature a relaxed fit, making them the perfect staple for your summer wardrobe. Pair them with the right shirt and you’ll be ready for a summer night out in the city. $148
Terrapin-Gear-Patrol When Email Isn’t Enough: 5 Great Stationers for Communicating with Style
Amid a sea of email and impersonal texts, a finely engraved card or handwritten note packs a punch now more than ever. Keep the content sincere, simple, and captivating, and spend a little time and money on quality stationary, and you can call yourself a true man of letters. Read The Story
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