Today in Gear: August 1, 2014

Super-8-Gear-Patrol Logmar Super 8 Camera
The Logmar Super 8 is the first new model super 8 camera in 30 years, and it’s the perfect going-away present for the aspiring filmmaker in your family heading to school in the fall. It melds the traditional super 8 design with modern components, like an ARM Cortex M3 CPU and a Maxon D.C. Motor, marrying old-school aesthetics with modern functionality. $3,500
Yeti-SB5C-Gear-Patrol Yeti SB5c
Roughing it on the trail is a virtue, but when it comes to mountain biking, a smooth ride is best. The Yeti SB5c is a step up from the already impressive Yeti Switch Eccentric: it’s 100 grams lighter, with a striking carbon fiber body, a 67-degree head angle and a heavily tested series of suspensions and seals to protect against the elements. yeticycles.com
Rex-Lamp-Gear-Patrol Crate & Barrel Rex Task Lamp
When it comes to desk accessories, lamps don’t always have much personality. C&B’s Grey Task Lamp compensates for that in fine form. Its design is simple but effective: a wooden frame with a matte steel base (7 inches in diameter; nice and unobtrusive) and shade, and a cloth-lined cord — no ugly rubber insulation here. $100
Moon-Audio-King-Sound-Gear-Patrol KingSound KS-H3 Electrostatic Headphones
KingSound’s KS-H3 Electrostatic Headphones, paired with KingSound’s M-20 tube amp, are a great investment (figuratively and literally); but, according to CNET, they’ll eliminate any need for future headphone purchases. $875
Disco-Hammock-Gear-Patrol Betabrand Disco Hammock
This ridiculously flashy disco hammock is more minimalist than you’d expect. It weighs a mere 20 ounces and folds into a 4- by 5-inch nylon cube. And it would definitely make you easy to spot in an emergency situation. $97
ECCO-O2-Gear-Patrol ECCO O2 with Gore-Tex Surround
Hot feet? ECCO may have the answer with the introduction of their O2 line in partnership with GORE-TEX. The new shoes utilize ECCO’s newly developed venting system to keep your feet cool, combined with the waterproof protection of GORE-TEX SURROUND technology. The new venting system releases heat and moisture from the top, bottom and sides of your feet as you move. Available later this year. eccousa.com
15-Best-day-hikes-west-gear-patrol-lead 15 Best Day Hikes in the West
The beauty of the West isn’t up for debate: it’s ubiquitous, grandiose and unchallenged. But hidden within these 13 states are secrets that can’t be seen driving an SUV through the “scenic” route. Only a true day hike can do the region justice. Consider this list your trailhead. Read This Story
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