Stay safe with genuine Canon products

Nobody Wins with Counterfeit Batteries


Counterfeit Canon batteries and battery chargers cost less than their genuine counterparts for a reason: they lack the heat management technology that’s critical for safety. The underground nature of their production also ignores factors like quality control and worker well-being in favor of earning a quick buck. By buying fake Canon products, you’re not just supporting these criminal groups, you’re also putting your camera equipment and potentially even your own safety at serious risk.

Tips For Spotting Fakes


1. Purchase from authorized dealers or directly from the manufacturer.
2. Be careful when buying through foreign sites.
3. Beware of “too good to be true” prices.
4. Check to make sure packaging is of high quality.
5. Beware of suspicious messaging.
6. Check to make sure your battery fits easily in your device.
7. Beware of overheating.
8. Make sure your battery holds a charge.
9. Compare logos.
10. When in doubt, let Canon check it out.

Telling the difference between real and fake accessories can admittedly be a challenge. A Canon-commissioned survey discovered that 18 percent of consumers had unknowingly bought fake gear. That’s why it’s important to thoroughly review Canon’s informative guide on spotting fake products before making any camera-related purchases. Buying items from Canon-authorized dealers or directly from Canon is one easy way to avoid being duped. The same goes for always taking the time to look for and examine the genuine Canon anti-counterfeiting hologram when purchasing replacement or additional Canon products.

Protect yourself and your stuff by learning all of the facts about the world of Canon fakes and how to avoid them by reading the link below.