Michael-Bastian-Smartwatch-Gear-Patrol Michael Bastian Smartwatch
Inspired by the dashboards and details of luxury cars, this innovative gentleman’s watch is the child of a Michael Bastian and Gilt collaboration. Engineered with smart technology by Hewlett-Packard, the Smartwatch syncs with both Android and iOS devices to display texts, news updates and emails. It’s souped up with a 44mm stainless steel case, inlaid buttons, three interchangeable wristbands and a seven-day power reserve. It goes on sale this fall. gilt.com
Vespa-946-Gear-Patrol 2014 Vespa 946 Collection Bellissima.
Exclusivity in the automotive world typically involves exotic materials, stratospheric top speeds and prices that cause the average Joe to question his station in life. Vespa’s new 946 Bellissima Collection packs an elegant design and upscale materials into a tiny package. It’s sold with a handmade, artisan-crafted mono-seat, but early adopters will receive a second two-up saddle as a gift — as well as some other exclusive goodies. Under its svelte skin the Bellissima packs ABS, traction control and a 150cc motor. Only 100 units are destined for North America, beginning this August. $10,499
Nemo-Coda-Sleeping-Bag-Gear-Patrol Nemo Coda 0 Sleeping Bag
On the trail, cash is useless. Weight is the only relevant currency and carrying this to the campsite will costs less than three pounds. Made from high-end fabrics and filled with 850 fill power goose down insulation, this sleeping bag stretches at the knees for side sleepers. $700
Sony-3-way-speakers-Gear-Patrol Sony’s 3-way 3-driver Bookshelf Speaker System
The name’s not the most creative, but it’s descriptive—we’ll give them that. These speakers have a 5 1/4-inch foamed-mica cellular reinforced woofer; are great for sound staging; can play high resolution audio; and cost less than Bose’s SoundLink. $220
Cactus-Trigger-Gear-Patrol Cactus Wireless Flash Transceiver V6
It’s the world’s first wireless flash trigger that works with any combination of cameras and flashes—at the same time. Capable of controlling power output of Canon, Nikon and Pentax flashes, Japan-based Cactus’s new trigger comes loaded with 30 popular flash models. The photographer in you is giddy right now. cactus-image.com ()
Duckworth-Gear-Patrol Duckworth American Wool
Gordon Bombay doesn’t work for these guys. From Montana pastures, Duckworth is the first wool brand to showcase single-sourced original fibers. Their custom yarns and fabrics come from Helle Ranch’s pastures. It’s 100 percent American and they’re launching this fall. duckworthco.com
amazon-aria-photo-essay-gear-patrol-lead Photo Essay: Traveling the Amazon by Riverboat
In much of the Amazon, traveling by riverboat is the best form of transportation. So we set off from Iquitos, Peru, fondly dubbed the Capital of the Peruvian Amazon, aboard the Aqua Aria, a luxurious river boat that would take us roughly 100 miles up and down the Amazon River. Read this story
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