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Today in Gear: August 5, 2014

Orion-Gear-Patrol Mission Workshop Orion
Whether you’re mountain biking or walking the dog, your outdoors activities need not be thwarted by rain. The Orion jacket by Mission Workshop is a fully-taped waterproof jacket. It’s a featherweight 370 grams, is made from stretchable fabrics and was built to react to body temperature changes. As your activity level increases, the fabric adjusts to the heat of your body, allowing more heat to escape; it’s a weatherproof jacket you can wear in all seasons. $439
Kettlecharge-Gear-Patrol BioLite Kettle Charge
Potable water was once the most important thing to have during a camping trip. But electricity has become just as necessary. With the BioLite KettleCharge you can have both. It boils your water and uses the thermal energy to produce 10 watts of power for electronics. You may have to do your business in a hole in the woods, but at least you can play Angry Birds while doing it. $150
Iris-Zwave-Garage-Door-Controller-Gear-Patrol Iris Z-Wave Garage Door Controller
The analogue home is becoming a thing of the past. Now bulbs, locks and appliances can all be controlled with your phone; and now your garage door can, too. With the Iris Z-Wave, you can open and close your garage door from anywhere with phone service. $99
Panda-Ultra-Adapter-Gear-Patrol Panda Ultra Wireless N UsSBA Adapter
Even if you’ve put down good money for a hotel room, oftentimes you’re required to put down even more cash just for some wi-fi — even worse, you can only use it on one device. Panda Wireless’s new N UsSBA adapter allows you to cheat by broadcasting the wireless signal from your laptop to other devices in your area. Take that, Double Tree. $11
Outerboro-Breeze-Shirt-Gear-Patrol Outerboro Breeze Shirt
Blending stye and comfort during the summer months is often a difficult task, but Outerboro’s Breeze shirt is here to free you from the tyranny of back sweat. It may look like your standard button-up, but it’s loaded with moisture wicking, quick-dry, and odor-controlling technology. $120
Aime-Leon-Dore-Travel-Pack-Gear-Patrol Aime Leon Dore Travel Pack
The backpack is no longer just for college students to schlep their textbooks from the dorm to the library. Aime Leon Dore’s new Travel pack is made from American leather and 22-ounce canvas, and features dedicated sleeves for a MacBook and an iPad Mini, letting you lug all your stuff to work in style. $400
best-diesel-motorcycles-gear-patrol-lead-full Smoke and Mirrors: 5 Best Diesel Motorcycles
Diesel engines may just be the perfect fit for motorcycles. They offer bullet-proof reliability, stump-pulling torque and the kind of range even Ted Simon can only dream of. Add to that the fact that refuelling doesn’t involve extended time out of the saddle and it makes you wonder why there aren’t more on the market. We found four examples that would look great in our garage on the road. Read This Story
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