Today in Gear: August 6, 2014

Deejo-Knife-Gear-Patrol Deejo 37 Gram Wood Pocketknife
At first glance, the chic curvature of Deejo’s pocketknives might seem inapt for hiking, climbing and sailing. But it’s burlier than it appears, with a secure lock system and an ultralight form. And it’s damn classy in juniper, rosewood and granadilla. $33
Luggage-Tag-Wallet-Gear-Patrol Hold Fast Luggage Tag Wallet
Some people, whether for fear of back problems or for vanity, can’t stand keeping a wallet in the back pocket, no matter how thin. Hold Fast’s luggage tag wallet is a secure solution — a tag of hardy leather that clips onto your belt loop, with easy-to-access pockets for whatever cards you need to grab quickly. Loop your keyring onto the clip to free up even more pocket space. $165
Rocki-Play-Gear-Patrol ROCKI
There are plenty of options for those seeking to buy bluetooth speakers. For everyone else, there’s ROCKI, a device that allows you to hijack any speaker with a 3.55mm jack. Just connect ROCKI to the speaker in question and stream music from your phone, tablet, or computer via wi-fi. $49
Facundo-Rum-Gear-Patrol- Bacardi FACUNDO Rum Collection
Rum‘s renaissance hasn’t been quite as pronounced as whiskey’s — here in New York, at least — but if Bacardi’s Facundo series of barrel-aged rums is any indication, there’s plenty of room in the rum world for creativity. The Facundo series is comprised of four different blends of rums that have been aged from seven to 23 years, which should be enticing enough for anyone interested in whiskey’s sugarier compadre. facundorum.com
Denim-Refresh-Gear-Patrol Mr. Black Garment Essentials
One of the biggest lessons college kids learn is that washing all of your clothes in one load is a surefire way to turn your entire wardrobe gray. Mr. Black’s garment sprays represent the opposite extreme of this method: hand-spraying each item of clothing and allowing them to dry. Each spray is meant for a specific material: a spray for denim, a spray for leather, and so on. It’s hand-washing minus the washboard. And the river. Learn More
John-Deere-Gator-Gear-Patrol John Deere Midnight Black XUV825i and RSX825i
The recently announced John Deere Midnight Black XUV825i and RSX825i, with their matte paint jobs and black alloy rims, are what you get when you cross a retirement home golf cart with the Batmobile from the Christopher Nolan trilogy. Which, yeah, is pretty fantastic; it’s hard to argue with 50 and 62 horsepower (respectively) and a 3,500-pound winch. deere.com
Seiko-TIM-Gear-Patrol-Slide-1- Time is Money: Seiko 5 Sea Urchin Dive Watch
Amid affordable watches, the Seiko 5 line stands tall. This week in Time is Money, Gear Patrol’s new series on watches under $1,000, we examine why. Read This
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