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In Case You Missed It: August 3 – 10

Saison-roundup-gear-patrol-lead- Barnyard Brews: The Best Saison Beers
Originally brewed in Wallonia, the French-speaking region of Belgium, as a summer treat for farmers who spent hours under the hot sun, saisons often taste spicy, earthy and yeasty, and contain ABV levels that typically run between 4% and 8.5%. Other than a glass of ice water, they’re about as refreshing a drink as you can get on a hot summer day.
Here are seven favorites
james-golding-viewfinder-gear-patrol-lead Viewfinder: Breaking 1,567 Miles in Seven Days
Battling his way from a hospital bed to a bike saddle, James Golding sets out to break a distance world record that has stood for 74 years. Watch the video
Counterfeit-Canon-Battery-Gear-Patrol-Lead-Full Nobody Wins with Counterfeit Batteries
Counterfeit Canon batteries and battery chargers cost less than their genuine counterparts for a reason: they lack the heat management technology that’s critical for safety. The underground nature of their production also ignores factors like quality control and worker well-being in favor of earning a quick buck. By buying fake Canon products, you’re not just supporting these criminal groups, you’re also putting your camera equipment and potentially even your own safety at serious risk.
Buy the real thing
5-DIESEL-TESTED-GEAR-PATROL-LEAD Economy Plus: Driving 5 Great Diesels
The only problem with hybrids is how boring they can be to drive. Diesel cars, on the other hand, offer outstanding torque with hybrid-like fuel economy. We take five great ones out for a spin. Take a look
hiking-acatenango-guatemala-gear-patrol-lead-1 Photo Essay: Hiking Guatemala’s Acatenango Volcano
Acatenango is Guatemala’s third highest peak, towering 13,041 feet above the nearby Pacific Ocean and about 8,000 feet above the city of Antigua at the mountain’s base. Photographer and GP contributor Jonathan Levinson hiked to the top.
Get to the summit
time-is-money-gear-patrol-lead Time is Money: An Ongoing Search for the Affordable Watch
I’m out to prove that you can be passionate about watches and not spend boatloads of money by reviewing watches every week that cost under $1,000, many under $500.
Continue the search here
Olive-Oil-Tasting-Gear-Patrol-Lead Saving the Extra Virgins: Olive Oil Made Right
Matthew Ankeny tours the Long Meadow Ranch to experience extra virgin olive oil as it was meant to be experienced.
Read the story
best-diesel-motorcycles-gear-patrol-lead-full Smoke and Mirrors: 5 Best Diesel Motorcycles
Diesel engines may just be the perfect fit for motorcycles. They offer bullet-proof reliability, stump pulling torque and the kind of range even Ted Simon can only dream of. Add to that the fact that refuelling doesn’t involve extended time out of the saddle and it makes you wonder why there aren’t more on the market. We found four examples that would look great in our garage on the road. Rev up green
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